Doll of the Day – Mystixx Kalani

Sticking with my green theme as we get closer to St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I would share this new little doll with you today. Mystixx, made by Playhut, are a brand of fantasy doll kind of along the lines of Monster High. They are the same basic size, but they do have something very different about them. They have two faces on one head – yes, that is what I said. I was introduced to this line at Toy Fair and haven’t quite got around to posting their report yet. Depending on your doll style you may think the Mystixx are really cool, really creepy or a little bit of both. It’s okay. Personally, I haven’t decided what I really think yet.


Manufacturer Playhut
Size 11″
Body details Hard plastic – semi poseable.
Face Double sided face – one side is school girl the other side is a vampire
Eyes Painted
Hair Two wigs that are interchangeable – one is blonde with green highlights, the other green
Can share clothes with Monster High, possibly La Dee Da
Average price $15-30 depending on the set
Where to buy

Amazon, Target, Toys R Us, Walmart

Recommended for ages Ages 6 & up

Each one of the Mystixx dolls comes with two outfits, two wigs and a single head with two faces. The current line is vampire themed and honestly, I am not a big vampire fan. The two new lines for the fall, the Zombies and the woodland creatures had better fantasy faces in my opinion. While the Mystixx dolls are about the same size as Monster High, they are not as poseable. Their arms and legs move, but do not bend, leaving them rather stiff!

This is a picture of Kalani’s head. In order to change her face, you remove her wig, turn her head around and put the wig back on. It is a cool concept and like I said, the lines that are coming out in fall have much more detailed faces. From the side, without the wig, I find this just weird. It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase – having “eyes in the back of your head!!”

So here is Kalani as a vampire – I like her better as a school girl! She does have a long green wig that is supposed to complete her vampire look, but Natalie has all their accessories in a box in her room and since they were not in plain sight when I took these pictures, I didn’t even think to do the wig swap while I was up there.

This is the photo of her two different looks from the Playhut website.

Ah, that’s better. Back in her sweet school girl outfit, ready for math class at the Monster High School! 

Emily at Toy Box Philosopher actually did a detailed review of Kalani back in September – complete with side by sides with Monster High – go check it out!

What do you think of this concept for a play doll? Do you like the changeability? Do you like the fantasy aspect of it?

PS – Remember you do not have to LOVE every doll you see – but keep your comments constructive, not mean.

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  1. This doll is not one that I would want, but the concept is interesting even though not at all appealing to me. The post did bring back a memory, though. When I was a little girl, my friend had a doll with two heads, one head at each end of her body and no feet. The doll had a long skirt and when you flipped the skirt over, the second head was revealed. I remember the doll as having a cloth body. I found the doll disturbing at the time and had no desire for one of my own. Unfortunately, I have no idea of the make of doll or where she was manufactured. I found your reference, Heather, to the three-faced doll from around 1900 intriguing. It seems that the vampire/schoolgirl doll is a variation on an earlier concept.

  2. Well, she’s cute in the school outfit, and i truly think this is cool if they came out with a Harry Potter themed set, like with wands and brooms. She’s kinda cute, kinda creepy and totally quirky— love it!