My Twinn doll

After reading Emily at Toy Box Philosopher’s recent review of the My Twinn Adopt-a-Friend dolls, I decided it was time to show off our Adopt-a-Friend Rochelle again. I received Rochelle from My Twinn a few years ago to do a review on in conjunction with a giveaway. I did not get to pick her and was very pleased with the doll they chose to send me – she is one of the prettiest My Twinn dolls I have seen yet (although Emily’s Hazel is mighty sweet).  Rochelle has brown eyes and long straight dark brown hair which is easy to work with and to keep neat.


Manufacturer My Twinn
Size 23″
Body details Soft body and partial soft limbs, vinyl limbs
Face Can be custom, each face is detailed differently
Eyes Brown inset eyes with long eye lashes
Hair Wigged – long, straight brown hair
Can share clothes with Some baby clothes
Average price $49 (when on sale) – $299 (for vintage collector versions)
Where to buy My Twinn
Recommended for ages 8 & up

I braided Rochelle’s hair on each side, just for something different. Here she is in her meet outfit – a silvery hooded sweater, jeans and tennis shoes. This is the only outfit Rochelle has right now and I really need to go take advantage of the My Twinn 75% off sale and find another outfit for her. If you read Emily’s review of My Twinn, you can see that the My Twinn bodies are definitely different from most other dolls. They do have soft bodies but their limbs are only vinyl from just above the knee joint, elbow joint and their heads.  I do not love the proportions of their bodies at all. However, I really like Rochelle’s face and in certain poses, her body proportions are not as noticeable.

She stands nicely on her own and loves dolls, too – especially the mini Felicity doll she found in the doll room this morning. In this photo – and I know it is the angle of the photo – she does not look out of proportion and the sweater works well with the shape of her shoulders and arms.

The My Twinn bodies are poseable but in a way that is different from the standard American Girl style or even the jointed style of the Kidz n Cats dolls. It is almost like there is a thick wire in her limbs that is bendable.  Rochelle can sit nicely on the floor to play with her doll, and again, at this angle, her proportions are pleasant enough.

The one thing that is very striking to me about Rochelle is how realistic and very tween girl-like her face is. My Twinn artists are known for creating a doll’s face based on a photo you provide of the child you want the doll to look like. Some of the My Twinn dolls have been gorgeous and some, not so much. Rochelle is beautiful. The Adopt-a-Friend dolls are created using parts they have left over and you can look through pages and pages of them to find the one you like on the My Twinn site.

I had a lot of fun photographing Rochelle this morning and seeing her from a new angle. I think what draws her to me most is the absolutely perfect coloring of her skin – she really has a pretty face.

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