Monster High Abbey Bominable

It is a known fact that I have taken some time to warm up to the Monster High doll line. At first I really didn’t like them, but once I took the time to read their packing, watch some videos and get to know them, they started to grow on me – kind of like hair on a werewolf!  Natalie really likes them and considering she is exactly the target age for this line, I am guessing that Mattel has got their marketing right on this line. The Monster High dolls are about 12″ tall, are articulated (means they can bend their elbows, knees and wrists) and each one has “legendary” monsters as parents.  They all go to Monster High where they deal with many of the same issues normal high school students do – friendships, peer pressures, academics, sports and of course, drama! 

Abbey Bominable is one of my favorites in the line so I chose her to be the star today. Abbey is the daughter of the Yeti and has a pet woolly mammoth named Shiver.


Manufacturer Mattel
Size 12″
Body details Articulated vinyl
Face Painted
Eyes Light purple painted
Hair White rooted hair with streaks of blue and pink
Can share clothes with Some similarly proportioned fashion dolls
Average price $15-30 depending on the set
Where to buy Amazon, Target, Toys R Us, Walmart, and other major retailers
Recommended for ages Ages 6 & up


In the Monster High School, Abbey is technically an exchange student from the north. She has a cool style about her and is often misinterpreted. She loves pancakes, snowboarding and Math. Her best “ghoul friends” are Frankie Stein and Lagoona Blue. 

Natalie actually has two Abbey’s – the original Abbey and the Dead Tired Abbey who is ready for a Friday night sleepover with friends.

Abbey’s activity sheet has something fun and challenging for you! Can you unscramble all the Monster High character names? This is an activity I made for one of my other websites a few years ago. If you get stuck, go to for help.

Download the Abbey Bominable activity sheet as a PDF file.

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