Doll of the Day – Maplelea Taryn

Maplelea Taryn

A few years ago I discovered the Canadian doll company, Maplelea. They sell 18″ play dolls that are inspired by Canadian girls and their heritage. Maplelea Taryn is in the spotlight today. Taryn is from Banff – a city in the mountains of Alberta, Canada (just north of Montana) and she loves to paint, explore the mountains, ice skate and share her love of the environment.


Manufacturer Maplelea
Size 18″
Body details Soft body, vinyl limbs
Face Sculpted from a photo of a real girl (read about it)
Eyes Brown sleep eyes
Hair Wigged – long, brown hair
Can share clothes with Springfield, American Girl, Sophias, Madame Alexander Favorite Friends and most others that are for 18″ soft body dolls
Average price $100
Where to buy
Recommended for ages 6 & up

Maplelea Taryn

Taryn loves to read! Natalie set up a “Book Nook” under the loft bed so Taryn and her friends could get comfy and read.

Maplelea Taryn

Time to go up and do some research on the computer!

Taryn is wearing the top and jeans from Maplelea sister Saila’s meet outfit and she has on AG sandals. Maplelea dolls can share clothes with American Girl and most other 18″ soft body dolls but their feet are just a little longer and narrower than their AG friends. Their feet are almost identical to Springfield doll feet so they can wear Springfield shoes with no problem.

The one thing I really love about Taryn is her hair. It is amazing quality! We got Taryn as a review doll from Maplelea in December 2009 and her hair looks as good now as it did when we first got her. It is so smooth, doesn’t tangle and is beautiful. The other thing I love about the Maplelea faces are the dimples in the cheeks – it reminds me of my niece every time I look at Taryn.

Maplelea Taryn

Taryn looks lovely wearing American Girl Caroline’s holiday dress! Her hands are curved enough that she can carry this pie basket from The Queen’s Treasures without having to use clear elastics or anything.

Maplelea dolls are only sold in Canada. If you are willing to pay the shipping to the US, they will ship them, however, due to trademark issues, Taryn cannot be sold to US addresses. The Journey Girls have a Taryn and that is where the issue is. If you want any of Taryn’s items, you need a Canadian friend or relative to get them for you.

More photos of Taryn from the Doll Diaries archives:

PS – this is actually Thursday’s Doll of the Day post – check back later today for Friday’s Doll of the Day

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  1. She’s cute!

  2. I love Taryn! And you can ship her and her stuff to the US again because Journey Girls changed their girl’s name to Chavonne. Oh let us rejoice!

  3. Oh wow Marjorie – that is great news!!

  4. Pretty Irish AG says:

    There was this one Taryn item I wanted. Marjorie, where’s the source?

  5. I do like these dolls, but I think their arms are kind of a funny shape. They’re so straight, it kinda make the hands look like hooks. (just my opinion). But I like the face mold.

  6. wow! She is so pretty! She looks really good in Saila’s meet outfit!

  7. Char, will you make Missy ( LMM ) a doll of the day soon? I would really like some detailed photo’s of her. : )

  8. Juliet XD says:

    in mu opinion, the smile and the eyes aren’t my favorite, but thehair is really nice!!

  9. Cool! I’m glad the hair is nice.

  10. StoryTeller says:

    I’ve been to Banff! It’s gorgeous!
    Taryn’s face scupt isn’t my favorite, but I do think she’s cute. I really like Saila, though. : )

  11. StoryTeller says:

    *face SCULPT– left out the L. Oops. : )

  12. Juliet XD says:

    like i said before; im not a big fan of the lips sand eyes.

    (P.S) i just searched for both teagan and Isabelle on a trademark site, and both are registered names for dolls, playthings, doll accessories and DECORATIONS FOR CHRISTMAS TREES ?????. i have NO idea what AG is doing making Christmas decorations……….. i really hope they wont be making ornaments of the dolls…..

  13. Megan!!!!!! says:

    Juiet XD~ CHRISMAS TREES!?!?!?!?!? oh Ag u come up with the weirdest things 2 trademark……

  14. I agree with Juliet XD.
    Char, what exactly are sleep eyes? Does that mean they shut?

  15. Juliet XD says:

    Rachel- it means they open and close like AG eyes do.

  16. She’s cute, but I dont like her face mold that much.

  17. I don’t like her face mold either (what’s with the lips?) but she’s cute, I guess

  18. Pretty Irish, I ordered a Taryn item in March and it came without issue. And on the journey girl that looks like Taryn is now named Chavonne. Haven’t heard from anyone else yet trying to order Taryn items, but I think we’re good to go!

  19. I’m in canada…………..

  20. hey Im Canadian and it’s alexis birthday today

  21. Hey Char, could you put in a post for Alexi,(Maplelea) I t’s her birthday today.(April 12)

  22. I don’t have Alexi – can you send in a photo of her if you have her?

  23. im not a fan of the maplea face mold but her hair is nice

  24. I like the Maplelea stuff. Also, I’m Canadian!

  25. StoryTeller says:

    Juliet XD and Megan!!!!–
    The Christmas items might be ornaments of the characters– in past years, Hallmark has carried ornaments of the historical characters, some of which are really nice. I have one of Kaya with her puppies and one of Samantha with her doll. I don’t think they’ve ever had GOTY ornaments before, though. Maybe, since she’s a ballerina, “Isabelle” will be in a Nutcracker performance?

  26. skylar!!!:) says:

    Awww how cute

  27. Juliet XD says:

    storyteller- even through ive never seen ornaments, that is a possibility; maybe isabelle will have ornaments of her “symbol” or something….

  28. I think that this doll is beautiful and wish that I could see her “in person”. If I were to ever buy another doll, it would be a choice between Taryn and Alexi. I do know that the quality of the clothing is excellent because I have a number of Maplelea outfits for my AG dolls and will buy more when I can. I only wish that Maplelea mittens would fit AG hands! However, because I like to have my dolls wear socks or tights with their shoes and boots, I find that the Maplelea footwear fits really well.

    Thank you, Char, for featuring lovely Taryn.

  29. They have beautiful faces. I think it’s cool how Maplelea dolls’ faces are made after real girls faces :)

  30. I have Jenna I was going to get Taryn but I chose Jenna instead. Maplelea dolls are really great dolls,I recommend them to anyone who either lives in Canada or wants 10 dollars less than American girl or you just want a great doll

  31. Oh and char can you try to post more about maplelea dolls??? Thanks

  32. A very dotty Ava says:

    I like taryn, but my nana says she looks like Michael Jackson! I’m soooo sorry taryn….

  33. Sorry Char, I didn’t see your comment in time!

  34. @JulietXD It was probably an accident with the whole decorations for Christmas trees thing. Don’t worry about it.