Madame Alexander Favorite Friends

Last year we added one of the Madame Alexander Favorite Friends dolls to our collection and named her McKayla. While McKayla is part of the Favorite Friends line directly from Madame Alexander, this face mold has been used on dolls Madame Alexander sells via other stores like Costco, Target, Wal-Mart and more.


Manufacturer Alexander Dolls
Size 18″
Body details Vinyl with a partial soft torso
Face Painted details, longer face with slightly pointed chin
Eyes Blue sleep eyes
Hair Rooted curly Tosca hair
Can share clothes with Just about any 18″ doll line from American Girl to Journey Girls and everyone in between
Average price $50
Where to buy Madame Alexander, specialty toy stores
Recommended for ages Ages 6 & up

Madame Alexander Favorite Friends

Here is McKayla in my favorite outfit for her. It is a Play Wonder outfit (also by Madame Alexander) that I got on clearance at Target and the boots are from My Pink Planet. For some reason the combination of styles in the outfit just seem to match McKayla’s look so well. Her hair is long and very curly and I will say, it is difficult to care for. I would NOT recommend her for younger doll owners because her hair will get trashed within days of opening her box. I am very gentle with her hair and really don’t mess with it much at all, so it is still very pretty.

Madame Alexander Favorite Friends

One of the things that make the Madame Alexander 18″ dolls different from American Girl is that they have a shoulder plate and only the lower 3/4 of their body is soft. The shoulder plate has it’s advantages and disadvantages. While it does make wearing strappy tops and dresses look nicer, they end up being top heavy so you have to be extra patient when posing them for photos.

Tip: When styling curly doll hair – don’t use elastics. Just gently finger comb the hair up to a ponytail and wrap with a ribbon. You will damage her hair less this way.

Madame Alexander Favorite Friends

This is McKayla in her meet outfit. She is technically called “Spring Fling” and the name is fitting. I will say that the shoes have been the most versatile and most worn piece of this outfit – they are a definite favorite among all the dolls.

The Madame Alexander Favorite Friends dolls for 2013 are using a softer face mold that have been used in the Costco Alexander Girlz and other dolls in the past. I really do like the softer face better and hope to be adding one to the collection soon.

So, do you have a preference between the 18″ dolls with the shoulder plate or complete soft body? 

PS – this is technically the Doll of the Day entry from Thursday – sorry about just getting it posted now – that field trip did me in 😉