La Dee Da Peppermint Pose Cyanne

 The La Dee Da doll line from Spin Master is definitely one of my new favorites. With their oversized heads, over the top makeup, and creative team work, the foursome of characters led by head fashion designer, Dee, also includes Tylie, Cyanne and Sloane. Today’s featured doll is from the Sweet Party collection – it is Cyanne as Peppermint Pose. Cyanne is dramatic, loves make up and designing very girly clothes. 


Manufacturer Spin Master
Size 12″
Body details Hard vinyl/plastic, somewhat poseable
Face Oversized with dainty features and painted on details
Eyes Minty green painted on eyes
Hair Wavy platinum and pink rooted hair in ponytails
Can share clothes with No one else yet – just other La Dee Da dolls
Average price under $20 depending on the line and store
Where to buy Amazon, Target, Toys R Us, Walmart and other retailers
Recommended for ages Ages 5 & up

Cyanne comes dressed in a mint green and pink dress with matching striped tights. The team’s dog, Le Bun, just had to get in the photo too! Each of the La Dee Da dolls comes with a booklet, stickers and something else little. Each theme also has an e-book you can read on the La Dee Da web site or you can download to your favorite device. Currently the two ebooks are Sweet Party and Runway Vacay, but I am pretty sure a new one was just released or is being released soon. I’ll have to check with Natalie later – I know she has the answer.

Because of their size, La Dee Da dolls are a lot of fun to pose and play with. I think Cyanne looks super sweet up on Megan’s mirror with the saying, You Look Gorgeous behind her.

All the little details in the La Dee Da line just make me smile – from the peppermint candy ponytails to the peppermint stripes in Cyanne’s hair, eyes and tights are just so much fun. There is nothing realistic about this La Dee Da line, and that is one of the best reasons to love them. They are sweet, creative and affordable. 


La Dee Da Doll Activity Sheet

Cyanne’s activity sheet includes a trading card, a poster, a You Look Gorgeous worksheet, and a coloring page captured from the La Dee Da doll site.

Download Cyanne’s activity sheet as a PDF file.

Do you have any La Dee Da dolls? What do you think of them? I am looking forward to seeing the new collections.