Kidz n Cats Camille by Sonja Hartmann

A few weeks ago I got an email that The Toy Shoppe had some of the older Kidz ‘n Cats dolls on sale for $99 (down from their regular price of $159) so I decided to add a new one to our collection. Camille, with her violet blue eyes and long light blonde hair, was the one I chose. The Kidz  ‘n Cats dolls are made by German doll artist, Sonja Hartmann, and are known for their beautiful faces. Camille has 9 points of articulation which makes her fun to pose.


Manufacturer With Heart & Soul (Sonja Hartmann)
Size 18″
Body details Vinyl with 9 points of articulation
Face Painted features
Eyes Deep blue, glass like inset eyes with real eyelashes
Hair Wigged kankelon, long blond hair with bangs
Can share clothes with 18″ slim body dolls like Journey Girls, Carpatina, FAO, Magic Attic
Average price $159
Where to buy The Toy Shoppe, Samantha’s Dolls and other specialty doll stores
Recommended for ages 8 & up

Kidz n Cats Camille by Sonja Hartmann

Each of the Kidz ‘n Cats dolls comes with – you guessed it – a CAT. Camille’s cat is pretty cool – he is wearing a red hat and sunglasses – and I think he has a quite a bit of personality, too. You can see what a beautiful shade of blue Camille’s eyes are – they just work so well with her light blonde hair.

Kidz n Cats Camille by Sonja Hartmann

Here are Camille and her cat (I think I should call him Casper) so you can see how she stands. Her meet outfit is a white sweater, white hat, purple snow pants, purple jacket, white boots and purple sunglasses. While I LOVE articulated arms on dolls – because you can pose them in so many lifelike positions – dolls with bendable knees are notorious for being a challenge to stand. Camille’s right knee is a little knock-kneed so I have to constantly readjust it to make her stand nicely.

Without her hat – it looks like Camille is warming up to go cross country skiing or something.

The sun was shining today so Camille decided to ditch the snow clothes and go shopping in the 18″ slim body doll closet. She picked out one of my favorite spring outfits from the FAO 18″ doll line. The green floral top looks so pretty on Camille. She is really enjoying her lemonade while sitting outside the ice cream shop.

Oh my! Leave it to Casper to claim the lemonade as his own! Good thing Camille doesn’t mind sharing.

I am glad I was able to add Camille to our 18″ doll collection. She will be great company for Galina – our first Kidz ‘n Cats doll.