When it comes to smaller dolls – specifically the 14″ size – one brand has captured my heart like no other! Hearts for Hearts Girls are created to help girls learn about different cultures and to understand that they can make a difference in their community and beyond. When you purchase a Hearts for Hearts Girl doll, a portion of the proceeds go to children’s charities that you can actually help choose. Zelia, today’s doll of the day, is from  Sao Paulo, Brazil and she helps her family learn better ways to work the coffee farm so that will be less harmful to the gorgeous rainforests that are around her.


Manufacturer Playmates Toys
Size 14″
Body details Soft vinyl
Face Very sweet and slightly large for her body, pierced ears
Eyes Cinnamon brown inset eyes
Hair Red rooted hair with bangs
Can share clothes with Corolle Les Cheries
Average price $30
Where to buy Playmates Toys website, Amazon, Target
Recommended for ages Ages 6 & up

Zelia is practicing for the Easter puppet show with Jeremy the frog. She is wearing Tipi’s Butterfly Pajamas which match her butterfly earrings nicely.

Zelia loves to play soccer, but she loves all her toys and animals, too. The Hearts for Hearts girls are only 14″ tall and make great companion dolls – they are the perfect size to take on daily adventures. They have a very soft vinyl body and although their head is slightly oversized, their faces are sweet and it works well.

Zelia has finished playing with her toys and has settled off in to dream land. She is wearing Disney Toddler Princess Merida’s gown and is imagining herself in the castle getting ready to sit down before the villagers are called in for a meeting. 

What do you think of the Hearts for Hearts Girls dolls? I am anxiously awaiting the new dolls, Mosi and Shola, due out this summer, but in the mean time, I do have Dell and Lillian on my doll wish list.