Tess Gotz FAO

One of the best kept secrets and best values when it comes to 18″ dolls right now is the 18″ Classic doll from FAO for Toys R Us. I found out about these dolls when browsing my Toys R Us store last year, but really learned what a great deal they are recently from Diana. Tess, our doll of the day today, is from this collection and is definitely a great find. The FAO 18″ Classic line dolls come in a nice fabric carrier box with two outfits for $60!! And what makes these a really amazing deal is that these are GOTZ dolls.


Manufacturer Gotz for FAO/Toys R Us
Size 18″
Body details Vinyl, slim body
Face Hannah/Sarah face mold
Eyes Inset blue/gray eyes with long eyelashes
Hair Rooted blonde hair with bangs
Can share clothes with Springfield, Maplelea, Carpatina, Journey Girls, Sophias, Madame Alexander Favorite Friends and most others that are for 18″ soft body and slim body dolls
Average price $59
Where to buy FAO, Toys R Us
Recommended for ages 6 & up

Tess is a ballerina and she comes with her practice outfit above and a white fancy ballet performance outfit.

So, how did I get Tess? Diana and I were talking about various dolls and I had mentioned I was looking at getting one of the Gotz dolls at Pottery Barn Kids (that are $99+). Diana mentioned the 18″ Classic dolls from FAO and how they are very similar and also made by Gotz. I went to my local Toys R Us store in search of Tess who is basically the blonde Hannah doll that is sold in Europe (check My Doll Best Friend for photos and details) – and all they had was the Asian doll, Avery – who is also cute. I did not buy Avery, but was tempted.  Diana found Tess in her local Toys R Us and was kind enough to go pick her up for me and send her to me, too.

The quality of Tess is very, very good! Her face is super sweet and I just love her long eye lashes. She has a hard vinyl body with a slight (permanent) bend in her left leg which I haven’t decided if I really like or not.  She is a very beautiful doll though!

I thought I would show you Tess in clothes other than her own. She is wearing a cami from a Journey Girls outfit, the skirt is for Carpatina slim body dolls, the wrap sweater is American Girl and the silver flats are from My Doll’s Life (so is the background). Purple is definitely a good color for Tess.

While I like the bangs on Tess, I am going to do some experimenting with her long, thick, rooted hair and try doing some styles without bangs, too.

Next time you go to Toys R Us, take a look in their FAO Classic section – you may just find Tess or one of her friends (Avery, Claudia or Nina – and for the money, they are an exceptional value!