FAO Gotz Avery

After Diana tracked down the FAO Gotz Tess for me, I just kept going back and looking at the other dolls FAO/Toys R Us had left, because at $60 for a classic 18″ doll plus two outfits, it was a really good value. I got an email from one of our readers that the dolls were now on sale for about $44 so I could not hold off any longer. When I checked the Toys R Us site I noticed there were two version of Avery, the Asian doll – one was Avery in a pink dress and one was Avery in an equestrian outfit. Come to find out from Diana, the Avery I got in the pink dress is the older version of the doll – read to the bottom of the post to see the difference between the old Avery and the new one. 


Manufacturer Gotz for FAO/Toys R Us
Size 18″
Body details Vinyl, slim body
Face Hannah/Sarah face mold
Eyes Inset brown eyes with long eyelashes
Hair Rooted short black hair with bangs
Can share clothes with Springfield, Maplelea, Carpatina, Journey Girls, Sophias, Madame Alexander Favorite Friends and most others that are for 18″ soft body and slim body dolls
Average price $59
Where to buy FAO, Toys R Us
Recommended for ages 6 & up

FAO Gotz Avery

My Avery came dressed in a pink strappy dress with a silver shrug, tights and silver flats. Avery has poufy bangs, just like Tess, but I just couldn’t bear them on her so I wet her hair down, twisted her bangs off to the side and secured them with a mini bobby pin – much better!

FAO Gotz Avery

Avery is going to be Ivy’s cousin and therefore, she checked out Ivy’s closet to try on her red dress. The red and gold look so good on Avery!

FAO Gotz Avery

A better look at the mini bobby pin – I am not sure what AG outfit this came with – but it holds Avery’s short bangs back nicely.

FAO Gotz Avery

Another look all together! Avery takes Chrissa’s llama for a walk to the Ice Cream Shop. Avery is wearing an AG Coconut t-shirt, AG Store Exclusive capris and the AG sandals to the Pretty Party outfit.

This is the same doll. Diana also got Avery and this is how she looks with her hair styled with bangs. The white jacket, white tee, jeans and white tennis shoes are the second outfit in Avery’s set.

And a closer look at Avery’s sweet face.

Now this is the newer Avery which is Madelon’s! She is in her equestrian outfit.

This is the new Avery’s second outfit. You can see the big difference in the two Avery dolls here – The new one has longer layered bangs and her lips are more bronze.

So, which look do you like best for Avery?