Ellowyne Wilde Positively Negative

Today’s snow is the perfect backdrop for spotlighting another one of our gorgeous Ellowyne Wilde dolls. Positively Negative is her official name, but she is known as Caitlyn around here. I fell in love with her when she graced the cover of the Wilde Imagination catalog, yet I was patient and waited for her to go on End of Edition sale so I got a good deal.


Manufacturer Wilde Imagination, a division of Tonner Doll
Size 16″
Body details High quality vinyl and hard plastic, 12 points of articulation
Face Designed by Robert Tonner
Eyes Painted light blue eyes
Hair Straight auburn, rooted saran hair
Can share clothes with Depending on the piece, Tonner and other brand 16″ fashion dolls
Average price $125-175 depending on the outfit
Where to buy WildeImagination.com
Recommended for ages Collectors ages 14+

Would someone like to tell me what all this white stuff coming from the sky is? Oh, yes, that is snow! We have not had this much snow one storm for about two years. It is still snowing like crazy and our power has already cycled off once – I am hoping to get this post done before we lose power.

How about a little snow ball fight? If you look closely you can see a few individual snowflakes falling right near her head. It was lightly snowing earlier when I took her photo but the snowflakes are huge now!

Like every other Ellowyne Wilde doll we own, Caitlyn is ridiculously photogenic! The only challenge with photographing the dolls with painted eyes is glare (like in the third photo) – if the lighting is not quite right she can end up looking a little possessed. With practice I have figured out the best angles and light to prevent the glowing eye effect 😉

Enjoy today’s post! I am going to try to get another post or two started before we lose power again!