I am so grateful that the kids are on Spring Break this week because Natalie has really been helping with the site! She took all of the photos for today’s posts for me this morning, freeing me up to do other things. She has a great eye for photography and it just so happens that Nicolette – Ellowyne Wilde Nothing Springs to Mind – is one of her favorite dolls. Nicolette has gorgeous green eyes and one long curl that peeks out from most of her hairstyles. Her hair is usually braided off to the side, but Natalie chose to have it down today. 


Manufacturer Wilde Imagination, a division of Tonner Doll
Size 16″
Body details High quality vinyl and hard plastic, 12 points of articulation
Face Designed by Robert Tonner
Eyes Painted green eyes
Hair Rooted red hair
Can share clothes with Depending on the piece, Tonner and other brand 16″ fashion dolls
Average price $125-175 depending on the outfit
Where to buy WildeImagination.com – retired so eBay is your best bet
Recommended for ages Collectors ages 14+

Of all the Ellowyne dolls we have, Nicolette is definitely the outdoorsy one. She is at her best when she is outside, with the flowers and the trees. I suggested Natalie put her in Blair’s Going in Circles dress but Nicolette protested immediately – stating that she is not a girly girl and no dresses will be worn. She opted for her sage green tank and the denim jacket from the City Girls and a pair of white jeans.

Nothing makes Nicolette happier than a sunny day to daydream in the grass.

This is a better look at the City Girls jacket with this outfit. It is cropped and while it doesn’t close in the front, for this outfit it doesn’t need to. Navy blue with sage green has to be one of my all time favorite color combinations.

There is something I just love about this photo – I think it is that it looks like the wind is blowing through her hair or the way the light is hitting her face. It is just so pretty!

Can’t get enough of Nicolette? Here are more photos that I took of her in the past year: