While I was in New York at Toy Fair I had arranged to meet up with Maxine of the online shop My Doll Best Friend which primarily serves the UK market (she will ship internationally though).  Maxine is sweet as can be and way too much fun to talk to, by the way! Anyhow, when we sat down for lunch she said she had a present for me. WOW! What a surprise! I was completely caught off guard – especially when I found out that is was from one of the new UK doll lines – The Doll’s House. The 18″ play doll market in the UK (England) is taking off and since it is very difficult for them to get American Girl dolls and other US specialty brands, there have been some entrepreneurial ladies who have recognized the need for a locally available doll and created them.

The Doll’s House 18″ play doll is a standard soft bodied vinyl doll that is sized much like American Girl, Springfield, Maplelea and the other primary brands. They have a custom face mold and come in a variety of skin tone, eye color and hair combinations. Rather than stick with traditional girls names for the dolls, they all have gem inspired names like Pearl, Ruby, Diamond, etc.


Manufacturer The Doll’s House UK
Size 18″
Body details Soft body torso, vinyl head and limbs
Face Exclusive mold for The Doll’s House UK
Eyes Golden brown sleep eyes
Hair Wigged, long golden blonde curly hair
Can share clothes with Most 18″ soft body doll lines
Average price £60
Where to buy The Doll’s House
Recommended for ages Tested for 3 & up, recommended for 8 & up

Diamond, and all her friends, come dressed in their meet outfit which consists of a pink twill tunic with velvety pink details, patch pockets and The Doll’s House embroidered on the pocket.

The wigs that The Doll’s House use on their dolls are the same ones that Harmony Club uses on their dolls. Diamond has very long curls that will require special care to keep them looking beautiful. 

Diamond seems to really like the spotlight today! While I have not had a chance to do any closet swapping with her yet, it looks like her legs are more slender than AG legs. Her arms and legs do move well and she has quite unique coloring. I think Diamond is going to fit into the doll family just fine and will make new friends quickly.

Since Sky from The Doll’s House was so sweet and sent me a gift, my gift to you today is a Valentine activity printable plus Diamond’s trading card and her mini poster.

Download Diamond’s activity sheet as a PDF file. 

I hope you do something special for someone today! Happy Valentine’s Day to the best doll community and readers EVER!!!