Doll of the Day – Corolle Les Cheries Camille

Ever since my oldest daughter was little and got her very first Corolle doll, I have just loved them. Corolle is a French doll company and they make classic dolls with a signature vanilla scent that honestly, never goes away!  The vanilla scent is what Megan remembers most about “Judy”  and our Camille has that same scent. Camille, who is our doll of the day, is from the 13″ Les Cheries line from Corolle. They are made of soft vinyl, have sleep eyes and are the perfect size for a little sister to an 18″ doll, too.

You might wonder why Camille is wearing Hearts for Hearts Girl Zelia’s meet outfit? Well, it is because she can!


Manufacturer Corolle
Size 13″
Body details Soft vinyl, arms and legs move
Face Corolle Les Cheries mold
Eyes Soft bluish gray sleep eyes
Hair Rooted blonde hair
Can share clothes with Hearts for Hearts Girls, some Groovy Girl doll clothes
Average price $30
Where to buy Amazon and specialty toy retailers
Recommended for ages 4 & up

Ready to play soccer!! The Corolle Les Cheries can share just about all clothes with the popular Hearts for Hearts line and I think Camille looks beyond cute in Zelia’s meet outfit playing soccer!

Look at that sweet little face!  Our Camille is known as Camille in the Snow because her meet outfit consists of a pink shirt, black leggings, furry boots, a silver jacket, mittens and a headband with earmuffs. She looks like she is ready to ski the French Alps.

Camille thinks she might need to get a new pair of skis like the ones Anna made this morning.

Since Camille loves the snow so much, in addition to her trading card and mini poster, I included a snowman “complete the picture” activity for you. It was originally created for my old printables site, but I thought you might enjoy it, too!

Download Camile’s activity sheet as a PDF file.

You can see even more photos of Camille in various outfits here:


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  1. It is fun getting to know different dolls!

  2. lanielover says:

    Secondie! She’s so adorable!

  3. I agree! I’d never heard of these before. They’re so cute!

  4. Fourthie!

  5. Fourthie! :) She is soooo cute! <3

  6. I don’t really like them that much because they look angry…

  7. I have a corolle doll I got when I was a baby and she still has a vanilla scent! She is a stuffed plush baby doll. She looks a lot like a baby version of Camille!

  8. She’s pretty cute…I didn’t even know these existed. Thx!

  9. i only like les cheries Capucine, all the others looks angry to me, but I love the vanilla scent

  10. I watched a movie on Disney Channel called the Game Glan and the 8 year old had a Corolle Les Cheries doll! At least I think so…

  11. These are really sweet pictures, Char. this is a line with which I am familiar and I do like these dolls very much even though I don’t have one. Your Camille is adorable and I look forward to seeing her on her new skis.

  12. The baby Corelle dolls( 14-15”) can share clothes with the bitty babys!

  13. I just found out my Bitty baby is pleasent company! it says “Pleasetn Company 14” on the back of her neck! I need to clean her up though. Her name is Isabel. I was born in 1996 which i believe is when Mattel bought AG and I got her when i was about 4 or 5 so AG probably still had pleasent company dolls to sell off! cant wait to see her all squeaky clean! need to by her new clothes and maybe the new swaddle blanket

  14. Somebody had it on the Disney movie The Game Plan. The little girl had it.

  15. Hey me too Amanda! Lol! Small world!

  16. Aww, she’s so pretty!

  17. We have some soft bodied Corolle dolls at my school, and my kids just love them. There’s one short hair Asian baby that’s a particular favorite. If any of the girls forget their “stuffies” at nap time, they wanna sleep w/ the sweet little Asian baby!

  18. Sharry – how sweet is that?

  19. Gail, they do look kind of angry. Do the Corolle baby dolls have that look, too?

  20. Fiona – I have a bunch of Corolle baby doll photos to post still from Toy Fair. They are cute.

  21. Okay, Char. Thank you.

  22. oesnt look angry at all though, she is the Aisan Les Cheries doll, im contemplating getting her or maybe BFC Ink Yuko, I love Aisan dolls they have beautiful faces

  23. *Capucine Doesnt

  24. fun vanilla=yummy

  25. I love Chloe and Claire from Corolle!

  26. Hi Char, I would love to know where to get outfits for these dolls. I called several toy specialties stores and they bearly have any outfits for the Les Cheries dolls. When you first had this doll in a pix I asked you about her, well it turns out she looked familiar so I look and I have two that I had gotten at Tuesday Morning several years ago. Now with Zelia, I have three which I would love to get more outfits for, not looking forward to sewing but If I have to , I will…;-)

  27. Right now the best place to find them is on Amazon. They can share clothes with Hearts for Hearts Girls, too. If I figure out any other lines they can share with I will let you know.

  28. Thanks Char, have a nice day!

  29. I have a miss corolle doll who I named Lydia. She is so cute!

  30. Yes, I am pretty sure the game plan had a corolle doll in it.

  31. I have seen these dolls at toy stores before. Even in chapters.

  32. Sorry i thought it accidentally thought it didn’t post the first time so i changed it and tried again. So now there’s a duplicate

  33. I have Chloe and Claire and they are sweet!

  34. Camille does look a little ticked off xD I think it’s pretty cute though. I might see about this one, especially since their clothes are interchangable with Hearts 4 Hearts Girls.

  35. Those dolls are really cute, but I don’t know, I think I prefer the “wide-eyed” look.