Sophia's Carly

Sophia’s Heritage (wholesale parent company to and a Doll Diaries sponsor) has their own line of 18″ dolls that are comparable in size to American Girl dolls.  The Sophia’s dolls have their own unique look that is most noticed in he shape of the doll’s mouth. Their mouths are slightly open and you can see the top teeth. I’m not sure if it is the mouth or not, but to me, the Sophia’s dolls look like they would be slightly younger than the American Girl dolls. Carly’s hair is long and slightly curly – not a curly as Saige – but her curls are definitely identifiable. Her hair is easy to brush and has not frizzed or become tangled.


Manufacturer Sophia’s Heritage
Size 18″
Body details Soft body with vinyl head/limbs
Face Sophia’s face mold, slightly open mouth with painted teeth
Eyes Blue sleep eyes
Hair Wavy, auburn wig
Can share clothes with American Girl and most other 18″ doll brands
Average price $68
Where to buy My Doll’s Life and authorized Sophia’s Heritage retailers
Recommended for ages Ages 6 & up

Carly, being the quiet and fashionable friend in the doll room, has put together her own outfit today (okay, Natalie put it together and Carly took credit for it 😉 ). It consists of the new Doll Diaries cami tee which started as a white cami from My Doll’s Life, McKenna’s purple leggings, a purple skirt from a Madame Alexander outfit, a Battat jean jacket and purple sparkly flats from Pen Pal Girls.  Carly can stand on her own but her feet tend to turn in, so sometimes it takes a little work to get her to cooperate.

Carly can sit nicely (in 18″ doll terms), too. One of the sweet little details about the Sophia’s doll line is that their fingernails and toenails are manicured – as in a dolly French manicure! Subtle, but such a nice little touch. Another nice touch is that where Carly’s neck strings would be, the opening has been covered – so while I am not sure whether her head is attached with strings or a zip tie, I like the covering. The Sophia’s dolls are a nice complement to your other 18″ play dolls!


Carly invites you to do a little fashion designing of your own! The dress is from the My Doll’s Life paper dolls set and the t-shirt is just a basic t-shirt design that you can give your own unique design.

Download the Printable Activity Sheet for Carly


Are you feeling creative today? I am! I am also really looking forward to seeing Sophia’s Heritage this weekend at Toy Fair.