Doll of the Day – American Girl Sonali

American Girl Sonali

In 2009 American Girl caught us all off guard when in addition to the Girl of the Year, Chrissa Maxwell, they also released her two best friends, Sonali Matthews and Gwen Thompson. American Girl was criticized quite a bit that year on everything from releasing three dolls at once to the back story of Gwen being homeless. The Chrissa story was one that Natalie just fell in love with – and relates to very well – and so she asked for the entire Chrissa collection that year. She obviously did not get it all at once, but between birthdays, Christmas, using her own money and such, Chrissa’s collection is our only “complete set.” Ever since we got Sonali (Natalie got her for her birthday on December 30, 2009 just as the set was being retired), she has been one of my personal favorites. She looks good in everything and I like her unique face (which was made for her and then used on MyAG 46 & 47 as well as Cecile).


Manufacturer American Girl
Size 18″
Body details Soft body, vinyl limbs
Face Sonali mold (the seventh AG mold created – also used by My AG 46, 47 and Historical Cecile)
Eyes Brown sleep eyes
Hair Wigged – long dark brown hair with loose curls
Can share clothes with Springfield, Maplelea, Sophias, Madame Alexander Favorite Friends and most others that are for 18″ soft body dolls
Average price $110
Where to buy Retired – is your best bet
Recommended for ages 8 & up

American Girl Sonali

Sonali’s meet outfit is a light green t-shirt, cable knit sweater tunic (I love the detail in this one), denim capris with embroidery and banded leg opening (again – nice detail), and light blue flats with ribbon trim. Her meet outfit is great for mixing and matching.

Sonali is busy texting Chrissa while having lunch at the picnic table. The picnic table is part of Chrissa’s collection.

American Girl Sonali

Lunch time! Chrissa’s picnic table has a removable string of “lights” that add a fun element to any photo. Sonali is of Indian descent and is actually much darker in real life than she appeared in the book illustrations and in the Chrissa movie.  Her hair is actually fabulous though – it is silky and has loose curls. We have not had any difficulty with it at all.

American Girl Sonali

Yesterday I posted a sneak picture on Facebook and Instagram of Sonali’s hair and asked if anyone could guess who today’s start was. Did you get it right? Her hair is in a “spider web” or “veil” style that is super easy to do. I will post a tutorial of the style later today – but it really is so easy!

American Girl Sonali

What is that crazy Sonali up to now? Dancing on the picnic bench? Sonali – I am not sure that is great idea! You will end up with a banged up head like Chrissa’s brother Tyler if you are not careful!

American Girl Sonali

I have often wondered how many Sonali dolls were made and how many were sold? I tend to believe she is one of the harder to find retired American Girl dolls, actually.

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  1. Sonali is soooo pretty. I as well regret not getting her or any of Chrissa’s collection. Thank goodness there are dolls that look just like Gwen and Sonali. P.S. The doll that looks like Gwen is identical to her. All you would need is to buy just her meet outfit and you have Gwen! Or you can buy her on Ebay!

  2. Vivi- thanks! I <3 Space Sloth (the picture). Actually, I'm just obsessed with sloths in general, and if you look into my brother's laptop, I put a bunch of sloth pictures in a folder. And if you click my name and see my new blog, I have a sloth as the header, I'll occasionally put sloth pictures on my posts, and there's even a sloth as my Blogger profile picture thingamabobber.

  3. fifiheart says:

    Sonali is so pretty! To bad I don’t have any of her collection:(

  4. Anastasia says:

    Fiona – I was just wondering, how did you change your icon picture? I can’t seem to figure out how to do it.

  5. awww!!….. hey!!! I have ag 47!!!

  6. Go to to change your photo

  7. Sonali is one of our favorites, too! I, of course, like that she is darker than most.

  8. If anyone wants to see a really great comparison article on all the AG face shapes (and a guide to which dolls have which face), Beast’sBelle has one on her blog “Never Grow Up”:

    @StoryTeller- Thanks! This was really informative! I didn’t know that Sonali, Julie and Marie-Grace have different molds. There all so close, I just hought they were the same. I only have 3 AG dolls and they all have different molds, classic, (AGOT #19), Asian,( #30), and the Josefina style, (Sunny, formerly Julie). Although I do love the Sonali mold, I will probably not be getting another AG doll, b/c I also have 7 Springfield Collection dolls (current run and retired), and a custom (boy) OG doll. That’s 11 in all!

  9. I have no clue how many Sonalis were made or sold, but it was probably less than Chrissas. And I heard that she was available in early 2010 (along with Gwen) because they were not very popular.

  10. cordelia says:

    What a beautiful doll! She looks so cute beside the picnic table (and playing on the bench) and I, too, really like that light blue sweater.