American Girl Nicki

While American Girl Nicki came out in 2007 and I remember reading her books aloud to Natalie when she was about 6 or 7, we did not add Nicki to our doll family until 2011 when she and Kailey were given to us by one of Megan’s friends who had outgrown them and was moving. Nicki’s hair was in pretty bad shape, but with some TLC I have just about restored it what I consider very good condition for a doll her age. Now many of you who are new to collecting AG, will think Nicki looks like Saige (and, she does), but there are some differences., too – like Nicki’s hair is shorter and lighter than Saige’s to start. Nicki also had a horse, and a dog, named Sprocket, but that is where the two story line similarities stop. Nicki lived in Colorado and was training her pup Sprocket to be a service dog.


Manufacturer American Girl
Size 18″
Body details Soft body, vinyl limbs
Face Classic face mold with freckles
Eyes Blue sleep eyes
Hair Wigged – long, curly, caramel brown hair
Can share clothes with Springfield, Maplelea, Sophias, Madame Alexander Favorite Friends and most others that are for 18″ soft body dolls
Average price $110
Where to buy American Girl – retired – available on the secondary market
Recommended for ages 8 & up

I had so much fun playing – I mean photographing – Nicki this afternoon. First I gave her a Saige inspired twist hair do – since she was already in Saige’s sweater outfit anyway.

Nicki is watching Sprocket play in the field with the horses while cuddling on the lawn chair with Ginger – one of the cats who lives in the barn.

It’s time to head inside! Nicki picks up her tack bag and calls for Sprocket.

Funny story… while I was setting up this photo shoot – which works so well with the American Doll Room Cabin set – I happened to glance over at the window sill where my kids tend to drop their bookbags as they come in the house. I saw that Megan had started altering an old dress of hers but had left it mid way. The orange geometric pattern on the fabric was definitely southwestern inspired and I thought it would look great draped over a doll couch. I think that fabric was the perfect finishing touch to the photo.

What do you think? Look around your house, check your closet and think twice before throwing things away – you never know what will make the perfect decoration or upcycled outfit for your dolls!

Which is your favorite Nicki photo today? I just LOVE, LOVE the last one.