Doll of the Day – American Girl Kaya

American Girl Kaya

No, we do not have Kaya in our collection (although we have come close quite a few times), but when Miriam sent me these gorgeous photos of Kaya, I just decided that she had to be the doll of the day today! Kaya has a one of a kind face mold – no other American Girl doll has it. Her lips are closed so no teeth show. Kaya is from the Nez Perce tribe in 1764 and her horse’s name is Steps High. In this photo Kaya is wearing her Jingle Dress of Today which is retired.


Manufacturer American Girl
Size 18″
Body details Soft body, vinyl limbs
Face Kaya face mold
Eyes Brown sleep eyes
Hair Wigged – long brown hair in braids
Can share clothes with Springfield, Maplelea, Sophias, Madame Alexander Favorite Friends and most others that are for 18″ soft body dolls
Average price $110
Where to buy American Girl
Recommended for ages 8 & up

American Girl Kaya

Kaya is wearing her adorned “deerskin” dress and moccasins. (it has a belt, but I didn’t realize it until after taking down the setup!) It is decorated with faux elk teeth and dyed porcupine quills and beads. Her  horse Steps High has the saddle (sold separately) and doll and cradleboard. The fire came with the tepee (don’t have, I was lucky to find all this at Goodwill except Steps High and the white powwow dress!) to Kaya’s left is her dog Tatlo.

American Girl Kaya

Kaya on Steps High in her Winter Accessories.

American Girl Kaya

In her retired Pow Wow Dress of Today.

Kaya and Tatlo playing on her bedroll. I can almost see a smile there, even though Nez Perce consider showing teeth to be impolite – a sign of aggression (which is why her mouth is different from the other American Girl face molds.

The more I see photos of Kaya, the more I realize how unique she is. Thanks so much Miriam for letting me showcase your Kaya today!

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  1. Now I know why Kaya has her mouth closed!

  2. Cute! I have always wanted Kaya, but my friend has her. Did anyone notice I changed my gravatar? It is Aly Raisman doing her salsa on week 8 with Mark Ballas. Does anyone else watch Dancing with the stars?

  3. I think Kaya is SO cute! I REALLY like her!

  4. StoryTeller says:

    GORGEOUS photos, Miriam! I think my favorites are the snow one and the one where Kaya is hugging Tatlo. Too cute!
    I love Kaya. : ) She was my second AG doll.

  5. I have Kaya and I love her!

  6. sabrina says:

    I love Kaya, she’s so unique! But her hair… not so much which is why I have not added Kaya to my collection. Maybe, if she’s still around, I’ll get her later.

  7. I love Kaya! She is so pretty!

  8. sabrina says:

    She also reminds me of a girl at my school who has long hair like Kayas and braids it.

  9. Julia: No. But I do watch America’s Got Talent and The Amazing Race.

  10. Sierra says:

    cool. i didn’t think about the teeth thing ever.

  11. I love Kaya. She’s such an adventurous girl and so are her stories! I’m very happy that AG thought it through enough to close her mouth… her face mold is gorgeous.

  12. Sparkie says:

    Char, are you going to post the pictures of Clementine soon? (Completely unrelated to this, sorry…)

  13. I emailed AG and they said the reason Kaya’s mouth was closed is because in her culture it may have been impolite to show your teeth.

  14. oh I didn’t read the last bit…never mind.

  15. Kaya is really beautiful! These are great photos.

  16. Kaya is one of my personal favorites because of how unique she is.

  17. Elizabeth says:

    I think it is very neat that her mouth is closed. It really shows how they care to be accurate on the time period.

  18. Guess who!! says:

    Oh my goodness i love Kaya! I love all Indians! They are so beautiful. Kinda sad that they’re all shoved onto these dinky little reserves anymore, isn’t it? I wish i could discover a new continent and give them the land.

  19. if i were to get another historical it would most likely be kaya

  20. Anna Cushon says:

    Char i know this is off topic but i was playing with dolls out side and i got a piece of dry grass in on of my dolls eyes and now you have to push it down to close it but you can still see it.we tried vacuuming it out but it didn’t work we don’t want to use a tooth pick to get it out because we don’t want to scratch her eye or the tooth pick breaking and getting stuck too. do you have any ideas on how to get it out?

  21. Freckle Face says:

    I have Kaya and a lot of her stuff. And Julia I watch dancing with the stars and LOVE it. Are you watching it tonight?

  22. I want Kaya!

  23. Guess who!! says:

    I agree with both of the comments between this and the last one.

  24. Juliet XD says:

    my friend wants her kyaya rewigged, because she got her when she was a little kid, so the hair went POOF. DX. i really like kyaya. XD

  25. I have Kaya and all her collection. I collect Native American baskets and I take Kaya when I give talks about my baskets. She is beautiful and is always a big hit!!!!!

  26. I have Kaya! I really think that you should add her to your collecting! She is so pretty! I read all her books, and I loved them! Just one thing….. I always have to re-braid her hair!

  27. Juliet XD says:

    sorry: i spelled kaya wrong!

  28. Miriam Lawrence says:

    Thanks. @Storyteller – you loved the snow picture – what is sad though was that I took that just a couple days ago!! Spring is just barely arriving in Colorado!

  29. Miriam Lawrence says:

    BTW, Kaya’s hair was super ratty when I acquired her. I steamed it and it came out beautiful. AG doesn’t recommend steaming though. I tried it on another doll that was in really bad shape – an old Samantha and it rippled some of her hair, now I’m scared to do it. Any anecdotes on steaming – good or bad? If anyone tries it, important to use an all plastic steamer, no metal, and it will relax curls which is why I didn’t do our Lindsey whose hair is not so good.

  30. I love Kaya. I took her hair out of its lower ponytail elastics, and it is beautiful! Anyone with doubts about her because of her hair, don’t worry! Her hair is so pretty! I loved the braids, but twice over when I took it out. Beautiful doll! Right now, she has two wavy pigtails and is standing on my dresser.

  31. Kaya is so beautiful. She was my eldest daughters first doll and has always been one of our favorites.
    The AG catalogue never does her justice. Miriam’s photos show how lovely she really is.

  32. I will post them as soon as A Girl for All Time sends them to me

  33. Madelon says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  34. @Anna Cushon
    Maybe consider the doll hospital. They know how to fix stuff like that.

  35. I have pleasant co. Kaya. I have her old tepee. I have some sets too. She is adorable!

  36. Kaya’s stories are some of my favorite A G stories.

  37. She so pretty!

  38. She’s so pretty, and the last American girl series I read, also one of my favorites. my cousin has her and her hair is soooo pretty! :)

  39. Miriam – awesome photos! I would so love to have all of Kaya’s collection, she’s so cute and love her story!

    Thanks for sharing! : )

  40. love the snow pic–so sad it’s still wintery there!

  41. My friend has kaya and when i first saw her i said she looks grumpy, my friend said she look solemn and I said nah she still looks grumpy.

  42. Thanks for the nice comments :-)

  43. I really want her, but she doesn’t look that cute in modern clothes, that’s why I don’t have her

  44. Mariana says:

    We have Kaya although she was renamed Carlita to be a “sister” to our other Hispanic dolls, Josefina, Springfield Doll’s Maria and Emma (renamed Esperanza). My girls Rosa and Eva got Maria and Esperanza 2 years ago when they were 7 and 8 and they got Carlita and Josefina for Christmas this year.

  45. aubrey says:

    @julia i know one of the dancers hes my friends brother he is toni dovalonie

  46. StoryTeller says:

    Sofia– Maybe you haven’t seen her in the right modern clothes. ; )
    I dress my Kaya up in modern clothes all the time (she’s wearing a riding outfit right now), and she looks adorable, especially with hats. My favorite outfit for her is the “Pretty and Plaid” outfit from last year (I think that’s what it was called– it was the lavender plaid dress with the blue t-shirt, purple knit hat, and boots).

  47. I sometimes watch Dancing with the Stars, but I mostly watch the Voice gotta love that show!!!!!

  48. Makenzie says:

    Kaya is soo pretty! She is a very unique doll! I love her beautiful face!

  49. Julia- I do! And I LOVE Aly! If your wondering why, I am a gymnast… 😉

  50. Lindsey :) says:

    Cecile – The Voice is AMAZING ! Love that show 😉