Doll of the Day – American Girl #57

Today when we were at the American Girl store, Natalie had her heart captured by My AG #57. She went to the store with a list of various outfits and accessories. She had a budget. She had been saving all her allowances and special occasion money. And the more she looked at #57 the more she knew she just “had” to follow us home. Natalie named her April Alexis and I think it suits her perfectly!


Manufacturer American Girl
Size 18″
Body details Soft body, vinyl limbs
Face Classic mold
Eyes Brown sleep eyes
Hair Wigged – short brown hair with side bangs
Can share clothes with Springfield, Maplelea, Sophias, Madame Alexander Favorite Friends and most others that are for 18″ soft body dolls
Average price $110
Where to buy American Girl
Recommended for ages 8 & up

April came in her meet outfit, but while we were at the store, Natalie also made a t-shirt in the Creativi-tees experience. April is very sweet – just like her t-shirt says she is.

April is relaxing out in her yard while the weather was still sort of nice. 

If you are looking for a “starter” American Girl, I highly recommend #57! Her hair is going to be extremely easy to maintain and she will look good in just about every outfit you put her in.  She is definitely a good match for the younger AG fan. 

Natalie did a quick video introduction of April and already uploaded it to our YouTube channel.


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  1. I have that doll!

  2. Aww she is sooo cute!

  3. sabrina says:

    If I got her, I’d name her Emma Grace

  4. Gosh, she’s adorable! She’s my almost exact look-alike doll. I’d get her, but she looks a lot like a combination of two of my other dolls – so its sadly a no for me :-/

  5. I have the one that looks like her but with the long brown hair

  6. cordelia says:

    You made an excellent choice, Natalie. April Alexis looks very sweet and the t-shirt you made suits her perfectly. I really enjoyed your video.

  7. I love my #57; I named mine Charlotte. She was a great purchase!

  8. i love her