Today I’ve gathered up 6 dolls, all with brown hair.  By sitting brown hair dolls together we can see some similarities and cool differences in their hair colors.

So this is how it works.  There are 6 American Girl dolls, some are My American Girl’s, some are Historical Characters, and one is a Girl of the Year.  I’ve lined them up from darkest to lightest hair color.  We will go around the circle and see how each doll’s hair color compares with the doll it’s sitting by.  At the end weigh in on which shade on brown is your favorite!

Shades of Brown-Doll Hair Darkest to Lightest

  • AG #25-Black/Brown
  • Samantha (Historical)-Dark Brown
  • Grace (GOTY 2015)- Dark Brown
  • Rebecca (Historical)-Honey Brown
  • Marie-Grace (Retired Historical)-Light Brown
  • AG #13- Light Brown

*I used American Girl and American Girl Wiki for the color descriptions.

AG #25-Black/Brown & Samantha (Historical)-Dark Brown 

In the close-up you can really see the brown strands of hair in the black/brown wig on AG #25.  Samantha’s hair is shiny but mostly one color.

Samantha (Historical)-Dark Brown & Grace (GOTY 2015)-Dark Brown

These two dolls may have dark brown wigs but they are so different!  Grace has a warmer color of brown and brown chunky highlights.  Samantha’s hair is shiny but Grace’s is super shiny.

Grace (GOTY 2015)-Dark Brown & Rebecca (Historical)-Honey Brown

Grace and Rebecca both have warmer colors of brown but Rebecca’s is lighter.  Rebecca’s hair is a solid color and Grace’s has chunky highlights.

Rebecca (Historical)-Honey Brown & Marie Grace (Retired Historical)-Light Brown

The shades of brown are similar with these two dolls but if you look closely at Marie Grace’s hair she has strands of really light hair evenly mixed in.

Marie-Grace (Retired Historical)- Light Brown & AG #13-Light Brown

Again looking closely you can see all the different colors in Marie Grace’s hair.  With AG #13 the hair is the same all over.

AG #13 & AG #25

I had to include the darkest brown next to the lightest to see the difference between the two!

We’ve made it around the circle to see different shades of brown doll hair, each a little different from the next.

What shade of brown is your favorite?