Diana here – Juliet XD had a question recently about how to restore Addy’s hair and whether or not she should just re-wig it.

Re-wigging is my last resort, since it will de-value the original doll. I have not met a doll’s hair that defeated me. I only use a downy dunk if I can not get a particular smell out of the hair. Downy smells great and will overpower bad smelling hair. Even the worst hair made out of synthetic nylon, can be managed with plain water, but I use the Twin Pine products. If the hair is matted I do not try to brush it until I shampoo it first with the Twin Pine Shampoo. Then I towel dry and sit down and have lots of patience. Take small portion of hair, spray the De-tangler Twin Pine product and spray some of the Twin Pine conditioner. Work the mat with your fingers until the hair starts to separate. Then gently start brushing it out. If there is a small knot sometimes I clip it if it is at the bottom of the hair. I also keep a bottle of spray water, since the the hair may start drying, keep it wet. Once I have done all the hair and I can apply the brush without it getting stuck on a tangle, then I start styling it. If it is straight hair I use curlers on the bottom tips of the hair to bring the tips in, therefore making the finish product look nice without dry ends. If it is curly hair then I take small sections of hair and use curlers and curl the whole head. Wait at least 24 hours before taking the curls out, then style the hairdo.

Now for Addy, she has very difficult hair so the biggest challenge would be to detangle without frizzing the hair. I still would use the process above but to bring back the wave I would do tiny braids and let them dry, then unbraid and see if you like it. The other way to bring back the wave is to take small groups of hair and twist it until it starts curling and curl into circles then use a hair pin to make it stay in place. Do this to the entire head. This is time consuming, but it does the trick and was used by many hair stylist in the old days for those wavy oldie hair styles.

I am including a pictures of the hair I just restored yesterday. It was extremely matted and it was curly hair, not wavy like Addy though. See the before and after.



Gotz Little brunette at home

Good luck with Addy, you have a challenge!