Doll Giveaways

With the holidays right around the corner, dolls are on lots of Christmas wish lists. We have rounded up some of the best doll giveaways going right now!

Be sure to visit the respective sites for entry details and deadlines – don’t enter here.

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  1. So many giveaways! Yay!

    I want that Madeline doll. I grew up with that show (in English, French, Polish, and German!), and I think its nice she’s still remebered after 70 years, even if this generation (in AG’s target group) won’t knowm who it is, probably.

  2. I grew up with Madeline too, Lena. I absolutely love her!!!

  3. I LOVE Madeline! I used to read the books and watch the TV show all the time.

  4. Lilly Hazel says:

    me too i loved her books!
    I thought they still howed it though

  5. Lilly Hazel says:

    sorry SHOWED

  6. They don’t show it on any channels I have. I miss Madeline….

  7. i used 2 watch that wen i was 4-6 yrs. old and i miss madaline

  8. Thanks so much for the heads up on the giveaways!

  9. Anne (agfan15) says:

    I just love giveaways!

  10. I don’t want to be mean or anything , but what about our generation dolls ?

  11. I used to be obsessed with Madeline. I loved her!