Feeling like you are ready to get a little creative with your doll’s fashion? Our friends from the Spicy’s Doll Blog have written a quick tutorial for you today that shows you how you can change the look of a top with a simple fabric marker.

doll fashion diy

Maroon is such a a popular color this Fall and we wanted to add a little of it into our wardrobe! We looked everywhere for classic style in maroon, but we were disappointed when our search came up empty. So what’s a doll to do? Make her own of course! We grabbed a fabric marker from our favorite craft store and a classic blouse from our friends at Necessary Extras, and we had ourselves a one of a kind Fall statement top featuring this season’s most popular color!

tab top shirt for dolls

STEP ONE: Gather your supplies. You’ll need a round collar blouse from Necessary Extras and a fabric marker in the color of your choice.

STEP TWO: Cut a piece of cardboard to fit inside the top. This will prevent the backside of the top from getting ink on it.

STEP THREE: Begin coloring in the tab with your marker. You’ll need to go over each spot a few times to get a deep color.

STEP FOUR: Finish the tab and let try for 5 minutes.

STEP FIVE: Lay the FRONT part of the collar down and begin coloring. It’s important to color the FRONT not the back.

STEP SIX: When you are finished, let the top dry for another 15 minutes, just to make sure the ink is set.

This is such a fun way to add your favorite color to a blouse. We paired ours with skinny jeans and boots for the perfect Fall look! Have fun girls!

Thanks Kay and Holly for sharing this super creative idea!!