As soon as the American Girl Spring release came out, I looked for new items for the beach scene.  The Boho Beachy Swimwear and the Beachy Hair Beads caught my attention.  Since I had already purchased the in-store exclusive two piece swimwear for 2015, I decided to wait on the Boho swimwear, but I had to have the hair beads. But wait, not for $15!  So here is an inspired alternative at a much lower cost.

We start with the tools, which if you love to create jewelry, they are the basic tools.   Joann had jewelry on sale and I spotted the perfect  beads for a reasonable price of $3.99 plus a 50% off.  The tube of  beads are very colorful.

Now for the clips, I found them at the Dollar Store.  Whenever I stop into the Dollar Store,  I always take a look at the hair accessory section and look for small clips for the dolls, you never know when you will use them.  So I had these in my stack of doll hair items.  They are perfect because the design makes it simple to attach the string of  beads.

One tube of  beads created the hair beads, bracelet and anklet and I still had beads leftover.   For the hair clip measure the length of the long piece and the length of the shorter piece then double that measurement and add 5 more inches.   The entire two strings are done as one piece.   Use a small bead and string it, this will be your end bead for the longer piece. Now bring both ends of the strings together creating one double string and start beading the rest of the beads using both strings.  Once you have the length you desire attach to the hair clip and knot the string twice very tightly.  Then continue to string the shorter piece and leave enough double string to knot the end.  Always glue the knots and leave them to dry before cutting extra string tails and placing on the doll.

Here is our model with the bracelet and the anklet.

Grace is my model and she loves her beach inspired hair beads.

Grace can not wait for summer to get here, as she models the two piece swimsuit and her new jewelry.  Her hair beads will make her the fashion Diva at the beach and poolside this year.

Grace changes to her spring dress but decides to leave the hair beads and jewelry on as she goes to take Pecky out for a walk.  Since the jewelry has multiple colored beads it goes well will any casual outfit.

The total cost of the set above was less than $4.00 and I love creating my own designs using the colorful beads.   I am sure to be adding more beachy hair beads so other dolls can use them.   Perfect for the Beach Cart to sell when the beach season begins.

Are you inspired to create your own hair beads?

Fun Facts:
1. The beach bag, soda, magazine in bag and beach sandals are also part of the in-store exclusives that were released late December.
2. Making different lengths of  hair beads would allow for more dolls to use them.  This first one was especially made for Grace’s length of hair.
3. Spring dress is the AG purchase with purchase currently at the stores.