If you like fashion dolls, especially dolls by the Tonner Doll company,  you will love their new site DollDuels.com. The site allows you to cast your vote between two dolls and once you have voted another two dolls come up. The doll photos have been submitted by doll collectors, artists, and fans from all over the world!

Better yet – play it here! Click on the doll you like best from below and your vote will be cast and a new set of photos will appear.



The Tonner dolls are meant for adult collectors and are very high quality, artistic and sometimes edgy. Whether you collect fashion dolls or play dolls, you can certainly appreciate the beauty of the Tonner dolls. Tonner also designs dolls for Wilde Imagination (like my Ellowyne) and Tonner Toys (the maker of the Little Miss Matched Girls line of play dolls).