For anyone who still checks Doll Diaries and wonders if we will ever update the site again or better yet, what is the Doll Diaries team up to these days, here you go!

First, as many of you know, I started Doll Diaries in 2006 when my daughters were first getting into dolls and our days were spent having tea parties, playing dress up and being creative. Now, my youngest is in high school and I went back to a full time career that I truly love. The days of doll play are long past us.

For now, I am not really updating Doll Diaries. I may put together special collections of past posts, like I recently did with the original 100 Days of Doll Play Recap, but I don’t expect any new crafts or reviews anytime soon.

While I don’t have the time needed to dedicate to Doll Diaries, I do have a few extra hours in my week and have been helping out one of our favorite doll companies with their social media and such. Really!! The team at My Doll’s Life by Sophia’s has always been such a great supporter of mine, that I decided to return the support. I work part-time for them (yes, that is full disclosure!) writing new blog posts, updating their Instagram channel, managing their Facebook page and Pinterest account. It is just enough to keep me in the doll world while not overwhelming me.

So, feel free to stop by and say hi, give them a follow and join in the fun!

Have a wonderful summer and thank you for all your support of Doll Diaries over the years!