Before I kick off all the full reports of Β Toy Fair, I want to do something a little different this year. I am giving out awards πŸ˜‰

Doll Diaries Toy Fair 2014 Superlatives

Toy Fair was AMAZING – the passion going into product development and the quality of the end result just continue to wow me. Now that is not saying that I loved everything I saw, because I didn’t, but the industry as a whole certainly did impress.

In no particular order…

BEST NEW DOLLA Girl for All Time Lydia, Adora’s Lola and Hearts for Hearts Girls Nyesha

GOOSEBUMPS AWARD – The Queen’s Treasures new Women Who Changed the World Series featuring their tribute to The Donut Girls of World War I (Salvation Army), Sophia’s partnership with the APSCA and the new dog rescue sets, and Hearts for Hearts Girls for raising over $300,000 for World Vision.

TRENDSETTERS AWARDMadame Alexander for their fashion forward Isaac Mizrahi collections and Tonner Toys for bridging high fashion dolls with app fun in a way I have never seen before with the Instamotion Valentine’s and stationery products for City Girls (and the upcoming Style Model/Top Model line).

INSPIRING GIRLS AWARD – Adora’s Designed by Kids FOR Kids program and Fashion Angels new It’s My Biz line of products and accompanying contest

MOST INTERACTIVE BOOTH – Madame Alexander had Ruben sewing doll hats from a single piece of cord in under one minute (I will share the video) as well as hands on creative fun with some new accessory packs while Adora was encouraging visitors to snap a selfie with their big plush fairy and post it to social media using the hashtags they provided.

LEGENDS AWARD – Did you know that Manhattan Toys Groovy Girls are celebrating their Sweet 16 this year? And Sophia’s, the parent company of My Doll’s Life, is celebrating 20 years of doll goodness this year. Congratulations!

SPEECHLESS AWARD – Robert Tonner and his team – including Jack, Michelle and Jason – have got to be the most genuine and gracious rock star team ever. They left me speechless when not only did they give me a Wilde Imagination Patience (completely unexpected and absolutely loved) and Robert Tonner signed her for me, but they also Diana a signed Maudlynn doll to join her doll collection.

ONES TO WATCH AWARD – While she is not new, she is kind of new to me and the US – watch out for LOTTIE this year – she is 7″ of awesome, greatness inspiring fun. Starpath Dolls are not yet in production but have already been invited to be models for Cupcake Cutie Pie’s new Simplicity Patterns. And Bandai’s little Locksie’s inspire creativity and fashion design fun – I can’t wait to see them in stores.

BEST DINNER GUEST – Oh, that’s easy! While having a Doll Diaries team dinner at where else but American Girl Place New York, AG Rebecca joined me. She was one of the store dolls who you “borrow” during dinner. I think I heard her whisper that she wants to come to the Doll Diaries family soon.

MOST UNEXPECTED DOLL SIGHTING – Our good friend Maxine from My Doll Best Friend explored the city before we had a chance to and she spotted this gigantic Pullip/Blythe looking dolls that were being used as window displays at Bottega Veneta on Fifth Avenue.

And finally…

MOST AWESOME MOMS IN BUSINESS AWARD – I am so in awe of Cindy (Sophia’s/My Doll’s Life), Joann (The Queen’s Treasures) and Alina (Dream Big Wholesale/My Pink Planet) for having raised such amazing daughters – all three have taken inspiration from their daughters and have set such amazing examples for them in business and in life – and all three had their daughters working with them side by side at Toy Fair this year.

PS – I purposefully did not tell you what is in each photo above – you can guess – but you have to wait for the full reports over the next few days for my take on each one. And not every company we visited are represented above – that does not mean we didn’t like them.