I think the only thing that makes me happier than sending out our limited edition Doll Diaries doll t-shirts to our fabulous Halloween Parade winners and a few other special recipients is seeing the dolls wearing the t-shirts!! So, if you have received one of the Doll Diaries t-shirts for your doll, please, please, pretty please, email me a photo of your doll modeling it or post it on your own site so we can see the cuteness! I will be adding the other pictures I receive here, on this post, so check back for updates.



Caelen’s doll Bella modeling her shirt.

Karen’s American Girl Chrissa modeling the shirt.

Karen’s Maplelea doll Brianne modeling the shirt.

Karen’s Australian Girl Emily modeling the shirt.

Hannah’s Tolly Tot doll named Jessy modeling her new shirt.

Anna-Marie from DollHouseDiva.com sent in her photo of Chrissa, in her new, totally awesome, Doll Diaries shirt, hanging out with Sierra and Julie in her room!


This doll tee went all the way to AUSTRALIA! It’s Ihee who belongs to Iris.


This is Aisha’s Mia doing the modeling now and check the video below for even more Mia goodness as she shares the opening of the package (which went all the way to Singapore!!!).


Anne’s doll Charlotte looking oh, so cute in her Doll Diaries tee!

If you have a photo of your doll modeling one of the Doll Diaries shirts, email it to me at share@dolldiaries.com. We’d love to share it!

Since this post is getting pretty long, I started another one with more photos called More Doll Diaries T-Shirt Love.

And again, we’d like to thank My Doll’s Life for providing the actual t-shirts for us to add the Doll Diaries design to.