Doll Diaries Spotlights Dolls Before and After

This week’s Spotlight Sites all caught my eye for a common reason!  Each one of the spotlight sites has shared before and after photos of dolls they have rescued and given new life to. These transformations are amazing and inspire me to go looking for a previously loved doll on eBay or my local thrift store.


1. Britlyn Madison Doll Clothes

Felicity doll rescue before and after

Britlyn-Madison Doll Clothes rescued this Felicity doll, gave her a new wig and new paint and renamed her Willow.  She was purchased on eBay for $45 but now she is priceless! What a cutie!


2. Dynamite Threads

My Twinn doll restoration

Erin at Dynamite Threads rescued this vintage My Twinn doll from eBay and fixed her up nicely. Erin notes that while Caitie was a total mess when she first got her, the actual fixes were quite easy. I think she looks great! Read to the bottom of  Erin’s post if you want to learn a little more about the history of My Twinn dolls, too.


3. Dolls Behaving Badly

Rapunzel repaint

Charlie from Dolls Behaving badly has fallen for Rapunzel in a very hard way! I learned about Charlies’s new obsession with Rapunzel during a recent Twitter #dollchat and am beginning to see why she loves this latest Disney Princess so much. Charlie has a Tonner Rapunzel (the smaller doll in the left hand photo) but wanted a friend for her. She bought a brand new Rapunzel from Jakks Pacific but was horrified at the dolls bubble gum pink lips and garish coloring. Charlie’s solution – REPAINT. I think Rapunzel looks a lot friendlier in her after photo.

Congrats to our Spotlight Sites!

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Have you ever rescued or customized a doll before? I’d love to see any other before and after’s you might have or ones that you think were amazing.

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  1. I love doll transformations I just got done looking at another site

  2. These look wonderful! I really like the felicity one!

  3. nice job on Felicity!

  4. I love it when people take the time to restore these wonderful dolls! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Maybe one day I’ll find an AG that needs saving at a thrift store or something. I love my Springfield Collection girls, but I would like just one AG doll.

  6. Speaking of finding dolls at thrift stores and garage sales, if any of you do find an 18″ doll and fix it up, I urge you to donate it to your local toy drive this holiday season. Two of the SC dolls I used in the photos during the Halloween parade will be donated, (repacked in the box, w/ a new set of clothes and a hairbrush) to the toy drive my school gives to. (I’m a teacher). With the economy being the way it is, sadly many parents won’t be able to afford Christmas this year, and Santa needs all the help he can get. So if you do rescue a doll and restore her, think about giving some Christmas joy to a deserving little girl who may not be as fortunate as we are.

    Peace. :)

  7. The Felicity doll is breath-taking. It would be nice if AG made a doll like that. I actually have been wanting to find an old AG doll and make a boy doll. (Thank GOTYS for that LOL) anyway congrats to everyone. : )

  8. Char, I have not got my doll diaries T-shirt yet , so when is it coming? Thanks.

  9. Wow the dolls look soooooo good in the after pictures!!

  10. oh and willow is beautiful!!!! she is cute too!! AG really needs to make a doll like that!!!!!

  11. i went to the britlyn madison website and they have a free giveaway for a pink t-shirt with the britlyn madison logo on it. the shirt is for 18 inch dolls and all you have to do is like them on facebook or comment!!!

  12. Lanie Holland says:

    I wish AG would make two dolls: 1. A boy doll (for my brother) 2. A doll like Willow!

  13. Yours was mailed yesterday – so hopefully you will get it tomorrow.

  14. Hey! I think these are wonderful! I wish I could do that, but I’m not very artistic. : ( Maybe some day though.

  15. My girl is Abbey (Abigail) Stanley a girl who moved to Texas When she was 4 years old from Ohio with her Pa and Ma, sisters Rachel, Annie, Jane, brothers George, Alan, Seth, and Her Cousin William Hills a 19 year old who grew up with her large family and now works for Pa on there farm.” Growing up in Texas is the same as it was in America” says cousin Will. “But is better for farming and no winters but for 4 months. ” Abbey doesn’t remember America but she does believe him. “Oh please.” says Alan “This is America. Mexico forgot about us. They forgot About Texas.” Alan was always well rude sometimes he just wanted to grow up and be like Seth who was 17 “I wouldn’t be so sure. folks have talked about war. With Mexico stopping them settlers from coming here. They are not ignoring us at all.” says Pa ” Oh you three should stop talking about war and Mexico around the children. Sounds silly anyway. ” Says Rachel ” Your not Ma you know.” says Alan ” Just you shut..” “No. No.No. We don’t talk like that in this house miss Rachel. You get your 15 year old pockets in your bed. That means you to Alan,Seth,and Abbey. ” I’m 14 in three days you can’t tell me what to..” “Alan Franklin Stanley get in bed right now.” “yes Ma.” That was the last time Alan would talk like that for a long time He knew he would be punished. After the oldest kids Seth, Rachel,and Alan went to bed. Abbey listened behind the door of the kitchen as she heard Ma and Pa talk about government and war. ” The children don’t need this talk about war, and were is Alan learning this Mexican stuff ? Asked Ma ” I don’t know but It is time they should grow up.” This scared Abbey and made her cry her tears dripped down her freckled cheeks on to the floor. That night Abbey stayed awake thinking of a war and of those mexican soldiers she saw one day. A war was not what she wanted for her family no way.

  16. Attention everyone I had a idea that everyone should right about a girl from your state from a historical time in your state just a fun idea

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  18. Nice job on the dolls i really like willow :) I restored a Kirsten off eBay all by myself

  19. Theres Also SelenaSparza from youtube.

  20. I don’t like SelenaSparza’s way she fixes the makeup and her Mytwinn scares me I don’t like people who change the wigs and names of historical dolls Poor felicity She looks like Laine

  21. Selena if you read dolldiares please don’t think I hate you. You just like dolls different than I do. I feel so sad if you were offended. I do admire that you make things your way. Your dolls are pretty I just like my dolls historical and no make up or modern hair styles. I think you are very pretty and creative.

  22. I also have to use my words carefully

  23. We wanted to thank everyone for the nice comments regarding Willow. Thank you to the Doll Diaries for featuring us on your blog. @ Melody, we love the historical dolls as well. In this case however, Felicity was poorly damaged. Her wig was damaged, she had rips stains in her body. We could not find a wig to match felicity’s old one, so we created a new look.

  24. I THINK Charlie did vary good on Repunzal. At first i liked her the other way but now i think she seems more today’s period and not that fairy tale if you know what i mean. :)

  25. Melody: I see what you are saying. I am glad doll diaries readers are open and forgive each other. Please dont take me wrong its hard to comuticate on the internet:) I just like that there isnt fight on doll diaries. :’) I ike my dolls both ways :)

  26. Melody: You just ave me a great idea. Doll Diaries should have a spot were you can post your doll storys. :)

  27. Anastasia says:

    Melody- I agree that I like how AG makes the dolls already, although I think that the way they re-did the dolls is cool.

  28. felicity looks totally different in the after photo WHOA!