All this getting ready for Halloween and fun with the Halloween Parade has kept me from doing something very important! You got it – Doll Diaries Spotlight Sites. I can’t believe it has been almost a WHOLE month since the last round of Spotlight Sites, so let’s get started.

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Our latest Spotlight Sites are:


1. Kiki’s Corner

When I saw Kiki of Kiki’s Korner had posted pictures of two of my all time favorite dolls, Elizabeth and Felicity, riding their horses outside I knew right then, she had to be one of our Spotlight Sites. I also love the photo essay she did with Josefina – just beautiful!


2. Steampunk Addie

Want a little bit of history mixed with some sci-fi, a little commentary on pop culture and the most adorable hostess ever – check out Steampunk Addie and her adventures.  I also happen to love Addie’s motto – small in stature, big in imagination! Go Addie! And I will be watching Charlie Brown & the Great Pumpkin for the gazillionth time tonight, too! Love my Snoopy!


3. Tonner Blog

There are companies that get it and then there are companies that REALLY GET IT. The Tonner Doll company falls into the second category – when it comes to knowing their customers, I mean fans, I mean family – they understand who their customers are. Why? Because they treat them like family. From the Tonner Doll blog, to their Twitter dollchat, Facebook page, convention and doll show teams, they are connected! If you haven’t noticed, the designer of the LittleMissMatched Girls by Tonner has even taken time to stop here on our site and answer questions from our readers about the new doll line that is for play (PS – his name is Jason). That’s pretty cool if you ask me! Their Tonner blog is the best place to get the latest news on Tonner dolls and what is going on at the company.  And if you have any questions for their team, just ask – they love getting to know their collectors.


4. American Girl Fan Club by Skylar

And in case you haven’t figured out who my two favorite historical characters from American Girl are yet, they are definitely Felicity and Elizabeth! And lucky for Skylar, I just happened to be browsing the photos on her site when I caught glimpse of my two favorite girls riding their horses outside again! Beautiful!! Check out American Girl Fan Club by Skylar for some craft ideas, giveaways and plenty of great pictures of her dolls.


Congrats to our Spotlight Sites!

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