So, nothing makes me happier than to see how this website, which I started on a whim in 2006, has grown into a community and inspires others to create, play and use their imaginations every day! In honor of this, I want to share two super cool picks this week that literally brought tears of joy to my eyes…

Meghan at Girly Doll Type really touched my heart this week with photo story featuring Kit and Morgan. Kit gave Morgan a Camp Doll Diaries brochure that Meghan drew and wrote herself – just cuteness!!Β 

Rhonda at Living a Doll’s Life was one of the first to order from the Camp Doll Diaries Etsy store and she received her package this week. I love her photo story featuring Julie and Ivy talking about which doll to take to camp and making their t-shirts. LOVE IT!

With Earth Day on the calendar this coming week, I just had to share Doll Mag’s flower box kit craft and wish them a Happy Blog Anniversary.

Oh Molly looks adorable in Jeneca’s spring photo shoot – and how cute is her t-shirt with toadstools on it?

Did someone say glitter and Easter Egg decorating? The Dolls of Sweet Nokia Street had so much fun decorating eggs this week. Did you decorate any eggs?

I hope you are doing something festive or fun today! The girls and I are finishing up a few more projects with Laura then we are headed back home to celebrate Easter as a family.

Have a great weekend!!