I discovered a few new sites this week and did quite a bit of reading, too – how about you? Here are some I thought you should not miss:

So, remember those apples Karen taught you to make yesterday? At Dollar Store Crafts they show you how to make miniature baskets out of the clear plastic gumball machine containers. For 18″ dolls you could use the same technique on a fruit cup, pudding cup or similar container and make your own baskets. Cute!

I discovered a new blog just by following the link associated with one of our reader’s names in her comment (see, I do check out your sites – especially when you do it the right way) and what I found is that Lisa at Once Upon a Doll Collection has beautiful photos of her diverse doll collection – yep, I will be going back to her site to read even more this afternoon.

If you are a fan of Kidz ‘n Cats dolls you need to go read this post by Maxine at My Doll Best Friend about Henriette – a limited edition (300) doll from Kidz n Cats who is just a pretty as can be!

LittleHouseofAmericanGiel did a beautiful photo shoot of Felicity taking a stroll in the park. Felicity was my first American Girl doll and is still one of my favorites!

Really, how can you resist this little face? Lulu posted some pictures of Bitty Baby on National Teddy Bear day – two good things Bitty Baby and Teddy Bears – girlhood essentials!

Did you have any favorite reads this week?ย