Have you got your dolls’  costumes ready for the Dolloween Parade? That is our annual costume parade and it will be kicking off soon! Meanwhile, here are some of my favorite posts for the week.

Willsbardgirl shows you how to do this fun Staircase braid on your dolls’ hair – it would be a perfect style for Kanani and other dolls with really long hair.

Liz at AmericanGirlFan made the most realistic looking cake pops for the dolls this week – so easy, too!

I just love how KC’s witch hats for the dolls turned out! 

Adollable Dolls first day of school photo shoot has the cutest photos ever!!  This picture of her doll riding her bike just melts my heart.

Sharry’s dolls are definitely getting ready for Halloween – they are at the costume shop looking for some groovy costumes.

What did you enjoy reading this week?