Oh my goodness it is cold out there this morning! As much as I want to just crawl back under the covers, it is probably a better idea for me to share my favorite reads this week with you instead!

Isn’t this little lady stunning? She is a limited edition The Queen of the Night doll from Gotz. Maxine at My Doll Best Friend shares all the details on her (like how many were made) with loads of gorgeous photos.

Liz gets the award for creative brilliance this week!! She shows you how to make bow-tie pasta for the dolls that is sooooo easy but sooooo realistic! Love it!

The American Girl Science Kit is one of my favorite purchases this year – even though I haven’t photographed it nearly enough!  Over at American Girl Doll Play, Amanda shows you how to make your own version of the set – so cool!! If we didn’t already have the AG version, I would definitely make this!

If you are wondering where you can find 18″ boy dolls, then head over to Karen’s blog! She has done a full recap of where the boys are and even where to get them some nice clothes!

What’s the secret to a great doll photo story? Go take a look at this post from Doll Delight for some really awesome tips!!

Finally doll food you can enjoy too!! Grace at AGDoll-licious has made a doll sized cake out of my all time favorite candy – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – and she shows you how to make a doll sized candy bowl using candy we humans find irresistible, too! Go check it out!

I hope you have a great weekend. I will be spending lots of time in the doll room this weekend trying to get tidied up and caught up, so check back for new posts, new giveaways (I have some AMAZING giveaways coming up) and plenty of doll sized fun. PS – if you follow us on Facebook or Instagram (@dolldiaries) you may get sneak peeks of posts coming up – you just never know with me.