Happy weekend everyone! I hope you have lots of fun plans. On the way home from rehearsal last night, Natalie and I stopped at McDonald’s and picked up a few of the new Isabelle Happy Meal toys. You don’t have to buy the food – we got McFlurry’s and bought the toys separately. Our McDonald’s charged $1.69 per toy.

Isabelle Happy Meal toys

Isabelle holding the two dolls we got – they are toy #1 and #3. I think they are pretty cute and will be fun props to add to our doll scenes.

The AG Minis of Snickerdoodle Street got all four dolls already and shows how big the Happy Meal toy versions are in comparison to the AG Mini Isabelle. You can see more photos in her AG Mini Dance class post.

Who is going to the pool this weekend? Pretty Lilly has a nice review of the new American Girl Floral Swimsuit on her blog – love the colors!

Maybe you aren’t at the pool, but the beach instead? Dolly Dorm Diaries did a fabulous beach photo story this week – how cool is this photo?

Anna is always so creative! I just love her button beach bag craft – so easy and cute!

The Salty Breeze had a costume birthday party for her Chrissa doll complete with games and a real cake – too much fun. Her photos of the dolls in costume are so cute.

Did you have any favorite reads this week? Did you post something new on your blog? Leave a comment with your favorite read of the week or share a post you did this week!

Have a great day!