Good morning!! Exciting news for us this morning – Natalie auditioned for a local production of The Little Mermaid last night and she got a callback today – we won’t know until Wednesday what part she will get, but I am very proud of her. Now onto my picks of the week!

What better way to enjoy spring than with flowers in a vase on the table! Pretty Lily found some super cute doll sized vases and filled them with pretty white flowers. Look around the house – I bet there are things you have on hand that you could use to make your own doll flower vase.

I do not speak French, but I could look at the photos on Les Cheries de Vaniline all day long! She has so many sweet photo stories featuring her dolls from Corolle, Maru, Kids n Cats, Sylvia Natterer/Kathe Kruse and other European brands. 

Want to make your own scooter for Kit? Go visit Living a Doll’s Life for the instructions and printables to make Kit’s Scooter.

Fun with AGFan is on Spring Break and she and her Grandma found this fun shelf at a thrift store. They are going to transform it in to some sort of doll furniture and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I also would love to know what kind of doll Chloe is.

Juanita Perez dolls

I just love our Doll Diaries community! One of our fans messaged me this photo on Facebook this week. She had found these dolls at Goodwill but had no idea who they are. I shared the photo with our Facebook fans and before you know it we had answers! These are Juanita Perez dolls from Mexico! Very cool and what cuties. You can learn more about Juanita Perez dolls at their website (in Spanish) and take a look at their most recent catalog, too.

I hope you enjoyed my picks this week!! Have a great day!