So we have been busy getting ready for Camp Doll Diaries all week but that has not kept me from checking out my favorite doll blogs all week. Here are some of my recommended reads:

Anna shows you how to make this adorable sundress for your dolls from a baby shirt over at her blog, Doll It Up – too cute!

NeverGrowUp had a fun AG find this week – a deal on a retired Chrissa doll, but the best part of her post is seeing the side by side comparison photos of her sweet girls who all have share the Josefina face mold – Julie, Elizabeth, Chrissa and Rebecca. The post is packed with photos – so much fun!

The dolls at Bear, Dolly and Moi had a lot of fun showing off their new Breton shirts and having sushi by the seashore! Again, so many cute photos – you have to go take a look.

At Paper Doll World an old papier-mache doll was given a new look. That looks like it was a lot of hard work.

Doll-lightful Days gave her Kit doll quite the birthday party – you’ll have to go take a look.

Jaclynn at Little House of American Girl is very excited about Camp Doll Diaries and has done a few posts on her preparations – like setting up the sky high bunks and creating this corner area for the dolls to relax.

Mikaela from MyAGDollies went to the American Girl Place in New York and took a TON of photos and posted them on her blog. I really would like to make another trip to the New York store soon.

KKollect loved the Camp Doll Diaries printouts so much they made a video on how to make the shirts.

“We had sew much fun creating the shirts!! We featured a how to video on our youtube channel

That mini doll outfit is the cutest thing EVER!

Did you have a favorite read this week? Feel free to share it in the comments!