I hope you had a great week – we all have a bit of cabin fever here! It snowed this week and has been so cold and icy that we have basically stayed home. On the plus size, that means I got lots of doll related reading done – so get comfortable, there are A LOT of picks this week!

Never Grow Up did a very detailed review of the Via-E Alexis doll – while her review is a little less positive than some of the others I have read, she really brings up some good points. One of the reasons reviews – both positive and negative are important is that everyone has different priorities when it comes to what they are looking for in a doll (or anything for that matter.) It’s all good.

Serendipity Doll Company sent all of the Doll Diaries team outfits to review. We all got something different and I just think the jogging suit Karen got it too cute. I love that it works for her girl dolls and boy dolls. Go check out her review – more of the team’s reviews coming soon.

This is seriously mu favorite time of the year!! Between the London Toy Fair, Nuremberg Toy Fair and the New York Toy Fair that Laura, Diana and I will be attending, the excitement over all the new collections is too much fun! Maxine from My Doll Best Friend went to the London Toy Fair and one of the biggest pieces of news is that Our Generation was exhibiting there. That is fantastic news for the European doll market – this means it should be much easier to find their affordable dolls, play items and accessories in stores.

Echo knew exactly what to do with the snow that fell in our region this week – she went out and played in it making snow angels and getting covered in snow. If you haven’t discovered From Echo with Love yet, go spend a few minutes looking around – she is such a little personality!

The photography of Martha Boers at Antique Lilac is some of the best I have ever seen! I just can not get over the detail and life like displays she has set up in her recent photo story – How Big Are Your Feet?ย Just amazing!

The Sochi Winter Games are right around the corner so KC’s dolls are getting ready. Go check out how she made really cool Olympic inspired sleds for the dolls at her site, Real Coake Family.

N at Paper Doll World continues to impress me every single week with her creativity, sense of style and attention to detail as she recreates many of her favorite dolls and their collections as paper dolls. She did an amazing job on Isabelle’s Design Studio – don’t you agree?

German doll line Kidz and Cats will not be at the New York Toy Fair this year so it was good to see photos of their new collection from London (and their new catalog) posted in various places this week. Petalina has a complete write up of which dolls will be available this year and the complete catalog photos. While I think Julia, Jodie and Sophie are pretty cute, I am not likely to be adding any new Kidz ‘n Cats dolls to my collection this year.

Another one of my favorite blogs, Le Fabuleux Destin de Sophie Amelie, posted such a sweet photo story called A Special Gift – go check it out.

The girls at The Doll Mag made good use of their snow day by organizing all their doll stuff. Keeping all the pieces together and being able to find what you need quickly is always a challenge! How do you organize your collection?

And then there is the Spring Release from Wilde Imagination that is leaving me challenged – who do I get – a new Ellowyne, Patience, Amelia (unfortunately Evangeline and Sad Sally don’t appeal to me at all)? Or do I go for an end of edition instead? Or do I get Perfect Patience before she is gone (like the dolls in the first Patience release). Oh, decisions, decisions. I will have to be patient and see how things go in the next few months.

Phew! I told you there were lots of great things happening in the doll world this week! Did you have any favorite reads? Are you excited about any new releases?ย