Ok, I really should be packing for Toy Fair, but I just wanted to share my picks of the week with you first!

Never Grow Up just added Caroline to her collection and shared so many really nice photos of her. If you do not have Caroline yet and are considering adding her to your collection, you should definitely take a look at her review.Β 

What’s the scoop on the new Wish doll from Kidz n Cats? Aletta is her name and she is so popular that she is basically already sold out. Β Sold out meaning between the direct orders and the retail orders, Kidz n Cats has her listed as sold out. If you work directly with the retailers like My Doll Best Friend and others, you may still be able to order her if they have not pre-sold the amount that they ordered. What’s so special about the Wish dolls? You can choose what combination of hair and eyes you would like your doll to have before you buy her.

There is a new Etsy store in town – it is from Echo with Love! If you read her blog post about the announcement you can find out what she has in stock and what she may be working on. Let’s just say, if you are a Frozen fan, you need to get over there really quick – that is all I will tell you. And the adorable Oh Snap jacket… yep, that is on its way here for my favorite budding photographer!

You are NOT going to believe what this mini doll treehouse was made from – I am not kidding, this is just AMAZING. Go look – you will be blown away at the talent Once Upon a Dollhouse has!

I just LOVE Legos and to see a customized boy doll doing what boys do – playing Legos just made me smile this morning. Stop over at DollyDormDiaries and see what I am talking about.

Just because I am going to pack and will be heading off to Toy Fair to cover all the new doll goodness for you over the next few days, does not mean things will be quiet here! We have plenty of posts waiting to go live (they magically do that on their own) and Natalie, Karen and Anna will be on hand to moderate comments and all that other good stuff!

Have a great day!!