I had a lot of fun checking out all the doll blogs in my reading list – there were so many great posts that I really had a hard time narrowing it down to just 5 to spotlight today!

This may be the most creative desk for dolls yet!! Go take a look at how Amaya make this fun school desk for her dolls.

Horses have definitely been the biggest hit when it comes to a theme this summer, so why stop now? Take a look at this fantastic stable from Bear, Dolly and Moi.

At A Doll’s Day, Maru has a babysitting job – taking care of two boys. You definitely need to check out this cute photostory.

Let me just say I am a little jealous! Marjoree found all of the retired Girls of Many Lands and their stand for $150 – can you say DEAL? Wow! I have been on the hunt for Kathleen and she is very expensive on her own, let alone with all of her friends!  After reading Marjoree’s post, I might just have to start looking for these dolls again.

Uh-oh!!! If Megan sees this post, I can guarantee that she will want one of the Lilly Pulitzer dresses from my girl clothing co that was featured on Doll Delight! She absolutely loves the classic Lilly styling – for that matter, so do I!!

Did you have any favorite reads this week?