Good morning – Oh, is it just beautiful outside this morning! What do you have planned for the day? Natalie has rehearsal for The Little Mermaid – she has been cast as one of the princesses and a clam – that should make for some interesting costume changes!! While Nat is at rehearsal, I think Megan and I are going to do some shopping in the little boutiques in the historic district. It should be fun. Before I head out for the day, I wanted to share my picks of the week with you. So many good reads this week, it was hard to keep it at five.

When I was little I remember each Easter, my Mom would get out these gorgeous eggs made from real eggs, sugared eggs and styrofoam that all had dioramas or other decorations on them. The team at Pixie Faire has come up with a way for you to make one of these dioramas using supplies from the craft store and their directions. I just love how this turned out.

Liz at AmericanGirlFan addressed a topic that so many of our readers have dealt with or will deal with at some point – that gray area between being a kid who loves dolls to becoming a junior collector – or better put – Too Old for Dolls?  One of the reasons I love sites like Liz’s and Marjorie’s, YouTubers like agoverseasfan, stephenswodadancer and so many others is that they show you how you can take that love of dolls you had as a little girl and continue to evolve it into something more – like a passion for photography, videography, fashion, sewing, crafting and collecting!! If collecting dolls is what you love, then do it. Enjoy it.


The Doll Wardrobe is having way too much fun with Isabelle’s wardrobe and finding new ways to style it – for non-dance looks – which I just love.  How do you like her funky tights in this outfit? Fun-ky if you ask me. Love it.

I know Karen and many of our other Canadian friends are getting so excited about the opening of some American Girl boutiques inside Chapters bookstores in Vancouver and Toronto. If you are looking for information, go check out her post – so exciting!


For those of you who love A Girl for All Time Matilda or just have an appreciation for historically inspired doll clothes, you have to go see the gorgeous Tudor gown made for Matilda. Don’t just look at the amazing photos, but read how she arrived at the different elements of the gown. Just fascinating. I have so much  respect for people with a talent like this.

In other news, do you follow DollDiaries on Instagram or Facebook? If not, you should. Many of the photos I post there, never make it to the Doll Diaries blog – like this one of Kanani deep in conversation with Rocky the cat. 

Or this impromptu Friday afternoon kite-flying photo of Gwen. Her kite is from the 10-pc A Day at the Beach set from My Doll’s Life.

In other news, I am totally blown away by the initial response to our Etsy store! You all basically “emptied the shelves” in the first few days. I have restocked, added some new items and have more things planned for it. If there is something in the store that is sold out and you are interested in it, send me a note and I will see what I can do to restock it.

I hope you liked my picks this week and enjoy the rest of your Saturday!