Good morning!! I am coaching gymnastics later this morning (oh, hey, did I forget to tell you this? Yep, I am back in the gym coaching and I LOVE it!) but thought I would do a quick Doll Diaries picks for you before I go. I know you LOVE this series, and while I can’t guarantee it will be up every week, I will try to share my picks a few times a month.

Have you seen this adorable stopmotion from KaraleeLS yet? Oh so sweet!!


Marjorie at My Dolly Addiction just added the new Maplelea doll, Charlsea to her collection. I am loving the kayak!


Maxine and Living a Doll’s Life shared some news about AG bringing back their line of personal care products for girls. I remember when my girls were younger, American Girl had a great line of personal care products that they sold through Bath and Body Works nationwide. My girls LOVED those products and they smelled so good. I am happy they are offering a line like this again.


Have you been lucky enough to find this cute set from Our Generation in stores yet? The set, called “It Seams Perfect” features a sewing machine, dress form and all sorts of sewing goodies. Many Small Friends was lucky enough to find it and did a wonderful photo shoot with it, too.


Treasured Friendships with Flair shows an amazing hair restoration done on her sister’s Millie doll. Isn’t this fishtail braid gorgeous? You really need to go see the before and after photos!

That was fun getting caught up on just a few of my favorite reads. I have noticed that quite a few of the blogs that were on my weekly reading list are gone or not being updated anymore, so that means I need new reading material! If you have a doll related blog that you update regularly or one that you read regularly that you would like to see featured as a Pick in the near future, leave a link in the comments below – I am building a new reading for this fall.

Have a great weekend everyone! It’s off to the gym to coach for me and rehearsal for Natalie! (Any guesses as to what show she just got cast in for a local production?)