Good morning! I know it has been a busy week when I look around my office and it looks like a doll store exploded in here! I just caught up reading my favorite blogs and I am going to share a few of my favorite posts, but then it is time to take Natalie to rehearsal and come back to clean up this mess!

Yesterday was National Golf Day – oh, how I would have loved to have been out golfing, too! Antique Lilac’s dolls didn’t miss out – and I bet she sinks that putt.

For all of you who like to sew, Jen at Wren*Feathers has patterns for some Native American outfits like this one that Kaya is modeling.

Once Upon a Doll Collector just added a few new dolls to her collection – Ellowyne, Maudlynne, and Patience to be exact! She has some of the cutest photos of the three of them and until I saw Maudlynne and Patience side by side I had not even considered there might be any resemblance – but there is! The more I see Patience, the higher up on my list she climbs…

We have all had one of those days! You know, when you take your dolls outside for a photoshoot and nothing goes as planned? Emma at AG Fun recently had one of those days, but I LOVE that she shared it with us – imperfect photos and all. And I love that she used Bitty Baby’s light blue dress on Lilly.

Many of you remember the line of dolls called Life of Faith. Girly Doll Type has Violet Dinsmore and recently did a photo shoot with Violet as a modern day girl – which she does very well!

I hope you enjoyed my picks for this week and be sure to stop back for a new giveaway, my fashion finds, probably a guest post or two and the Sunday Showcase tomorrow.