I managed to get back from an early morning errand and have just enough time to share my picks of the week with you before I head back out for two Annie shows today.

If you remember, photos of Sharry’s new addition Jasmine from Adora inspired me to get her for my own collection. If you visit Julie Newman’s 70s Time Capsule you can read all about how Jasmine – now named Kim, fits into Sharry’s doll family.

Even though Liese found this cute soccer net in a South African store, I would guess if you took a look at Five Below or another discount store you could find a table top soccer game that you could repurpose for your dolls too!

I saw our first snow flakes of the season last week and it looks like it snowed in quite a few places too! I love the photos Doll-icious got of Elizabeth catching snowflakes on her site.

And see what I mean? More snow! I just LOVE Ivy’s hot pink coat – that is just beyond adorable and pink is definitely her color!! You can see more photos of Ivy in the snow at Adollable Dolls.

The Doll Mag presents The Amazing Payton in her big talent show – go take a look and don’t forget the applause!

Enjoy these posts and have a fabulous afternoon!