Good morning!! Sorry for getting my picks for this week up later than normal but it is a pretty busy day at the Doll Diaries HQ. Natalie has a full day of rehearsal, Megan is volunteering at a carnival doing face painting, and I and busy with Camp Doll Diaries behind the scenes prep and have some new items to load into the Etsy store this weekend, too. Time to share my picks of the week, though!

I absolutely love the 18″ slim body dolls by Carpatina – I have Erin and Rowena – but on my someday list is Veronika – she is just so elegant. A Doll’s Day recently got her and did a very nice intro write up with some very pretty photos. So pretty.

Can you say lucky Grandchildren? Gigi’s Doll Creations posted photos of the new doll house her husband has built for the Grandchildren to play with. I personally think the rooftop deck is brilliant!Β 

Meghan at Girly Doll Type had some fun making her own doll sized magazine – complete with her recommendation to go to Camp Doll Diaries this summer! Great job Meghan.

Need to see more of Dorothy from Legends of Oz – The Toy Box Philosopher has an even more detailed review of Dorothy complete with different hairstyles and doing some closet swapping.

Swish and Swirl is at it again – she has captured the beauty of the A Girl for All Time dolls in modern and bright summer dresses. The colors she chose for each girl are just so perfect – I mean, Clementine just looks so good in the turquoise blue! Beautiful!

By now you should know that NOTHING makes me happier that to see how our readers have taken the ideas and inspiration from Doll Diaries posts and made it something of their own!! Jaclynn at LittleHouseofAmericanGirl is ready – do you see her fabulous camp signs, camp keys and print outs already? I just know her dolls are going to have a great time at camp this summer!

Thanks to Rhonda at Living a Doll’s Life for letting us know this wonderful video from American Girl is on YouTube. (PS – I love your Camp Doll Diaries posts, too) Author Valerie Tripp and others discuss the history, goals and importance of the American Girl brand and its influence on girls. Bravo AG!! We feel the same way – doll play is a way to inspire learning through creativity!

Did you see some of the sneak peeks in there? I am very happy with the direction that AG is taking the historicals and look forward to seeing that part of the line continue to grow.

Have a great afternoon!! Time for me to go add some new items to our Etsy shop!