Good morning! Raise your hand if you are happy it is finally the weekend!! I have just spent the last hour enjoying a cup of coffee, browsing all my favorite doll blogs (over 100!) and have got my picks of the week ready for you.

I am just loving Simply Dollightful’s photostories lately! The two most recent – A Dress for Caroline and Spring Break Plans are just so well thought out and put together. Go read them both. 

The girls at Julie Newman’s 70s Time Capsule celebrated Barbie’s birthday – which was actually on March 9th and we totally missed it!  I am just loving Julie’s Granny Square top!

Once Upon a Doll Collection added Wilde Imagination’s Amelia Thimble to her collection this week. Here you can see Patience (also from Wilde Imagination) holding Amelia who is 4″ tall, has 14 points of articulation and LOADS of personality. Check out her post for more details and some cute photos!


Isn’t this such a gorgeous hairstyle? Willsbardgirl shows you how to do this simple style that looks amazing on dolls with wavy/curly hair in her Side Swept Twist Hairstyle post.

Want to know how to make those cute St. Patrick’s Day doll cupcakes you saw in Anna’s post earlier this week? Head over to her blog, Doll-It-Up and get the instructions – so easy, so cute, and you can make them for any occasion!

I hope you enjoyed my picks this week!!  Have a great weekend!