Good morning everyone! I just finished catching up on some reading and have quite a  few favorites to share with you. 

I’ve missed Jen and Zoey’s posts at AG Doll Play – but they’ve been a little busy! Anyhow, they’re back and they did a post on their latest addition – Lanie. Lovely photos as always! Welcome back!

The Toy Box Philosopher did a review of my personal favorite – Saila – from Maplelea. Saila is so incredibly unique for so many reasons and it is such a treat to read Emily’s very detailed, oh so insightful reviews! 

American Girl Felicity was MY first American Girl doll and Megan saved up all summer when she was about 9 to get Elizabeth when she first came out. Liz at American Girl Fan did a very beautiful photo session with Felicity and Elizabeth recently. Go. Read. Enjoy!

Simply Dollightful’s most recent photo story is just as sweet as the berries they are picking! She has done such a great job of posing the dolls so realistically, too.

Have you been watching the World Cup? I have seen most of the matches and am looking forward to the final games this weekend! Super Inky is a big fan, too and I just love her t-shirt. Who are you rooting for? Me, I hope Germany wins the whole thing!

There were so many great posts this week – did you have any favorites? 

Enjoy the rest of your day!