Good morning! Thanks to all of you who shared the links to your blogs last week – it was nice to have some new reading this week. Here are a few of my favorite posts this week.

Carrot and Claire shows you how to make the most adorable snowman pillow for your dolls using felt – something you probably already have on hand.

Amanda at AGDollPlay combined the Our Generation Diner from Target with some foam board and creativity and made her own version of Grace’s Bakery. This is one of many takes on this huge play set I am sure we will see this year. Well done, Amanda!

Confessions of a Doll Collector’s Daughter did a review of A Girl for All Time Lydia and the photos are just beautiful!! I have not got Lydia yet and I think I may need to round out my A Girl for All Time collection very shortly! She is so beautiful!

Doll’s on a Dime got very creative this week and set up a Paris inspired scene for her mini dolls using Cecile and Marie-Grace’s Play Scenes and Paper Dolls book. NICE!!!

I found A Doll’s Picnic’s review/comparison of these four dolls – all with the Addy face sculpt to be fascinating! They are all very beautiful dolls and the variations in hair and skin tone are so interesting to se.

A Day Late and a Doll Short takes a look at the three GOTY mini dolls this week. The Grace mini doll is less than $20 on Amazon right now and the others are still available, too.

While we are on the subject of Grace mini dolls, Anna did a review of her as well on Doll-It-Up and as always her photos are just stunning!!

Did you have any favorite posts this week? If so share them in the comments below – and if you have a doll related blog you want me to add to my reading list, include the URL in your comment, too.

Have a great day!