The Doll Diaries picks for the week is back!! Sorry for leaving you high and dry last weekend, but it can be so unpredictable when you travel. Anyhow, I have had a lot of reading to catch up on and here are some of my favorites.

Emily at the Toy Box Philosopher got her first American Girl doll – #29 – who looks like the brunette version of our #39 Callie. As always, the review is detailed, jam packed with photos, insightful, brutally honest and definitely worth reading. While you are there, check out her review of the AG Science Kit, too.

How creative!! AGDollFan shows you how to create a doll sized rockwall and climbing harness – just wow!

American Girl Doll Play’s Zoe did a photo story about her doll Alice and her bad accident that landed her in hospital. I hope Alice is feeling better soon!

Congratulations to Willbardsgirl and her 100th post – that is definitely an accomplishment! To celebrate she posted some beautiful photos of Marie Grace.

Sharry’s dolls are having way too much fun going to the Drive In Movie Theater! I remember going to see movies at the Drive In with my family as a child. I wish they still had more of them.

Did you have any favorite reads this week?