I have quite a diverse selection of posts to share with you this week – there is definitely something for everyone! Let’s get started!

What supplies do you need for doing awesome photo shoots with your dolls? Go check out the post at Doll Delight to find out what essentials they recommend.

Seriously, I just love Blythe dolls! Those eyes – so much personality! Doll Epic’s Blythes are visiting Belize and they look like they are having so much fun, too.

I love technology and my son loves it even more – he even brought home a 3-D printer from school over the summer to fix. Well, when I heard about Makies from Maxine at My Doll Best Friend, I had to go check them out. Why? Because they are made using a 3-D printer – how cool is that? Go check them out.

Our dolls love their pets and they have seen hours and hours of play. Liz at AGFan has some easy craft ideas for you to make for your doll’s pets this week, too.

Did you see the second half of Anna’s Doll Size Cleaning Supplies post? So cute! Now if we could just get the dolls to do the work, too.

Enjoy your afternoon!